Blight Buster Volunteer Program

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Phoenix's Neighborhood Services Department

Blight Buster Volunteer Program

is recruiting volunteers to assist with graffiti removal, community outreach and much more!

Phoenix residents interested in serving as Blight Buster Volunteers will be provided with the training and resources necessary to make a positive impact on their community. 


Residents interested in becoming Volunteer Leaders should sign up to attend a Volunteer training session.

To Register - Contact Ashley Henderson at (602) 261-8109 or


The Blight Buster Volunteer Program (BBVP) is a training program designed for residents, ages 18 and above to learn how to address a variety of blight-related issues in the community. There are two levels to the BBVP, the Blight Buster Volunteer and Blight Buster Leader.

The Blight Buster Volunteer is not interested in leading groups, but would rather work alone, or in small groups. Basic training is provided on how to become more proactive in the neighborhood and how to gain the knowledge and know-how to help eliminate blight in the community. Their primary duties are to report illegal signs, remove graffiti and to be a volunteer to help out on big projects.

The Blight Buster Leader is reserved for the more involved volunteer. They will receive the training and knowledge on how to become an effective leader for their community, learning how to recruit and manage volunteers.  They will conduct anti-graffiti presentations to educate our community and youth on the negative effects graffiti has on our economy, and will also work one on one with residents in need, solving blight issues in their own neighborhood! An extensive background check is required for the Blight Buster Leaders.

  • Create a better place to live by eliminating graffiti and blight
  • Learn how to become group leaders and train others
  • Educate our youth about graffiti
  • Work hand in hand with city staff to take care of on-going issues in our communities


  • Lead groups and help others with volunteer projects
  • Eliminate graffiti
  • Build community leaders
  • Encourage residents to be involved in their community
  • Educate students and residents on the harm graffiti brings to our neighborhoods

How to apply for the program
For more information or to register, contact Ashley Henderson at (602) 261-8109 or