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​​​​​​​​​​​​The NSD Volunteer Network works to meet community needs by harnessing the power of volunteers and community partners.  From training Blight Buster Volunteers to remove graffiti, to helping residents in need through our Compliance Assistance Program - we do it all in an effort to reduce blight and improve the Phoenix community.  

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We invite you to take action in your community!  Take a look at our programs below to learn how you can become a volunteer or partner with NSD. 

Neighborhood Services Department Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering with NSD, we have a number of opportunities for you as a NSD Volunteer.

  • ​Remove graffiti.
  • Community cleanups.
  • Help plant trees and educate residents on creating sustainable plans for tree planting.
  • Assist Neighborhood Groups completing a request for the Gated Alley Program by obtaining and verifying signatures.
  • Provide temporary emergency cooling for residents who are experiencing no A/C during the summer months by delivering portable a/c units.
  • Provide clerical support to NSD.
  • Host an NSD informational table at community events.​​​

Compliance Assistance Program
Do you have a few extra hours each month and are looking for a way to give back?  The city’s Neighborhood Services Department is in need of residents to donate time or financial resources with its Compliance Assistance Program. 

Volunteers benefit by building connections with new residents and from the pride of knowing they are keeping Phoenix communities safe.  Residents may seek help from the Compliance Assistance Program if they have code violations and are not able to bring the violation into compliance due to financial or physical reasons.  These cases are referred to the program by a city inspector.

Groups, faith-based organizations or companies interested in volunteering their time, sponsoring the removal of dead trees or donating in-kind services for tree removal, landscaping and yard maintenance are encouraged to participate.

For additional information on volunteering contact Volunteer Program Coordinator Ashley Henderson at 602-261-8109 or ashley.henderson@phoenix.gov.

Download our Volunteer Assistance Program brochure

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