Neighborhood Code Compliance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Neighborhood Code Compliance staff is responsible for ensuring compliance with many city codes and ordinances, including the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance, the Zoning Ordinance, Mobile Vending regulations and portions of the Animal Ordinance.

These regulations are local laws adopted by the Phoenix City Council to promote health and safety, protect the community from blight and deterioration and enhance the livability of the city of Phoenix.  By Council-adopted policy, code enforcement is done primarily on a complaint-basis – meaning that a concerned resident reports a possible violation to NSD.

Neighborhood Code Compliance staff has primary enforcement responsibility for the city codes noted above, but also work in partnership with other city departments and agencies to ensure both residents and businesses are in compliance with these and other city code regulations. Code compliance is achieved through a combination of education, resource and assistance referral and enforcement.  

Understanding the Code Enforcement Process

The code enforcement process is generally initiated by a concerned resident reporting a possible violation.  Approximately 90 percent of code enforcement cases are resolved by the property owner/responsible party following formal notification of the violations.  When voluntary compliance is not obtained however, the city will pursue civil citations, criminal charges or contractual abatement until the violations have been resolved.

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