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Phoenix Food Day Exhibitor Application

Please complete this form to apply to be an exhibitor in Phoenix Food Day.

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Exhibitors should be prepared with a handcart or other method to transport their items from the loading/unloading area to the exhibitor booth area.








  1. GIVEAWAYS: If you have any giveaways, make sure to select items that are made of easily reusable or recyclable materials. No candy or unhealthy food, please.
  2. RECYCLING: Encourage recycling at your table or booth. You can do so by having signs about recycling and recycling bin locations. Discuss the importance of recycling with your team.
  3. WASTE AVERSION: Only pack what you need. Try to eliminate areas of waste before they happen.
  4. HANDOUTS/FLYERS: Print on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and print double-sided.
  5. REUSE: Develop materials that you can reuse year after year. Make flyers and giveaways timeless and generic so they can be used at other events.


We will contact you to advise when your application has been received and accepted. You will receive load-in/load-out information and recycled/waste designated area information approximately one week prior to the event. Please note there will be a designated area for free exhibitor parking. Thank you for your application!

The opinions, beliefs, ideas, or viewpoints of exhibitors participating in Phoenix Food Day are not reflective of nor endorsed by the city of Phoenix.

Before you submit this form, please be aware of the city's policy on use of its systems. The message you are about to send is subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law. It is not private or confidential and is retained for 90 days.

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