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Pierce Pool

Boys taking beginning swim lesson
Pool amenities include shade ramadas, picnic tables, vending machines, baby pool, drop slide, water basketball hoop, ADA chair lift.

2150 N. 46th St.
(602) 262-6199

Pool Schedule and
May 24 - May 26 1-7 p.m. daily
May 31 - July 27 Closed on Fridays

Daily Admission
Adults $3
Seniors 50+: $1
Children 0-17: free

Season Passes
Family of 4: $75, ($7 per add'l)
Adults: $30
Seniors 50+: $20

Kool Kids Pool
Children: $20

Pierce Pool 

Swimming Lessons: $15
Recreation Teams: $45

Lesson Descriptions
Classes and Programs Viewable Below

PIERCE POOL2150 N. 46th St.(602) 262-6199
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourseDays
1035826/9 - 7/261:00 PM2:00 PMLIFEGUARD ACADEMYMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1035816/9 - 7/191:00 PM2:00 PMJR LIFEGUARDMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
1035766/9 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1035756/10 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
SESSION A: June 2 - June 12, 2014SESSION B: June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10361611:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10362311:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10529611:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10529711:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10358411:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10359011:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10362111:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10362411:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10360811:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10360911:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10364911:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10364711:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR
10362212:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10362512:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10529912:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10530012:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10358612:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10359212:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
1036125:00 PM5:35 PMSTARBABIES1036135:00 PM5:35 PMSTARBABIES
1036175:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR1036265:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR
1035875:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1035935:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1035675:00 PM5:35 PMBLUE STAR1035685:00 PM5:35 PMBLUE STAR
1036185:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1036275:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1035855:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR1035915:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR
1035885:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR1035945:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR
1036455:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR1036485:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR
1036196:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1036286:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1036206:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1036296:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1035896:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1035956:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1035776:20 PM6:55 PMGREEN STAR1035786:20 PM6:55 PMGREEN STAR
SESSION C: June 30 - July 10, 2014SESSION D: July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10363011:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10363811:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10359611:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10529811:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10365211:00 AM11:35 PMYELLOW STAR10360211:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10363111:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10363911:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10361011:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10361111:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10365311:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10365011:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR
10363212:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10364012:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10530112:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10530212:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10357312:20 PM12:55 PMBLUE STAR10357412:20 PM12:55 PMBLUE STAR
1036145:00 PM5:35 PMSTARBABIES1036155:00 PM5:35 PMSTARBABIES
1036335:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR1036345:00 PM5:35 PMWHITE STAR
1035995:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1036055:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1035715:00 PM5:35 PMBLUE STAR1035695:00 PM5:35 PMBLUE STAR
1036355:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1036415:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1053035:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1053045:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1036005:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR1036065:40 PM6:15 PMRED STAR
1036555:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR1036545:40 PM6:15 PMYELLOW STAR
1036366:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1036426:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1036376:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1036436:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1036016:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1036076:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1035796:20 PM6:55 PMGREEN STAR1035806:20 PM6:55 PMGREEN STAR



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