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Sunnyslope Pool

Swimmers using kick boards
Pool amenities include shade ramadas, picnic tables, vending machines, baby pool, diving boards, water basketball hoop.

301 West Dunlap Rd.
(602) 262-7165

Pool Schedule and Hours:
May 24 - May 261-7 p.m. daily
May 31 - July 27Closed on Fridays

Note: the pool will be open weekends in August through Labor Day (September 1)

Daily Admission
Adults $3
Seniors 50+: $1
Children 0-17: $1

Season Passes
Family of 4: $75, ($7 per add'l)
Adults: $30
Seniors 50+: $20

Kool Kids Pool
Children: $20

Sunnyslope Pool 

Swimming Lessons: $15
Water aerobics (35): $15
Water aerobics (60 min): $22.50
Recreation Teams: $45

Lesson Descriptions


Classes and Programs Viewable Below

SUNNYSLOPE POOL301 W. Dunlap Rd.(602) 262-7165
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourseDays
1032866/9 - 7/261:00 PM2:00 PMLIFEGUARD ACADMEYMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1032736/9 - 7/191:00 PM2:30 PMJR LIFEGUARDMonday, Tuesday, Thursday
1032646/9 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1032636/10 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
Recreation Team
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourseDays
1032896/2 - 7/107:50 AM8:50 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 11-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
1032906/2 - 7/108:50 AM9:50 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 5-8 YRSMonday - Thursday
1032916/2 - 7/109:50 AM10:50 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 9-10 YRSMonday - Thursday
1032876/2 - 7/88:50 AM9:50 AMRECREATIONAL DIVE TEAM 5-10 YRSMonday - Thursday
1032886/2 - 7/89:50 AM10:50 AMRECREATIONAL DIVE TEAM 11-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
SESSION A: June 2 - June 12, 2014SESSION B: June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10333211:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10333311:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10329211:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10329311:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10335211:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10335311:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10332411:00 AM11:35 AMWATER AEROBICS10332511:00 AM11:35 AMWATER AEROBICS
10563011:00 AM11:35 AMLAP SWIM10563111:00 AM11:35 AMLAP SWIM
10331611:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES10331711:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES
10333611:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10333711:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10329611:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10329711:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10563411:40 AM12:15 PMDIVE LESSONS10563511:40 AM12:15 PMDIVE LESSONS
10327411:40 AM12:15 PMLAP SWIM10327511:40 AM12:15 PMLAP SWIM
10334012:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10334112:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10334912:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10335012:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10330012:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10330112:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10336012:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR10336112:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR
10327812:20 PM12:55 PMLAP SWIM10327912:20 PM12:55 PMLAP SWIM
1056384:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1056394:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1033064:20 PM4:55 PMRED STAR1033074:20 PM4:55 PMRED STAR
1032594:20 PM4:55 PMBLUE STAR1032604:20 PM4:55 PMBLUE STAR
1056465:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1056475:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1033645:00 PM5:35 PMYELLOW STAR1033655:00 PM5:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1032695:00 PM5:35 PMGREEN STAR1032705:00 PM5:35 PMGREEN STAR
1033205:40 PM6:15 PMSTARBABIES1033215:40 PM6:15 PMSTARBABIES
1056425:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1056435:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1033285:40 PM6:15 PMWATER AEROBICS1033295:40 PM6:15 PMWATER AEROBICS
1033446:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1033456:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1056506:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1056516:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1033126:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR1033136:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR
1032826:20 PM6:55 PMLAP SWIM1032836:20 PM6:55 PMLAP SWIM
SESSION C: June 30 - July 10, 2014SESSION D: July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10333411:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10333511:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10329411:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10329511:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10335411:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10335511:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10332611:00 AM11:35 AMWATER AEROBICS10332711:00 AM11:35 AMWATER AEROBICS
10563211:00 AM11:35 AMLAP SWIM10563311:00 AM11:35 AMLAP SWIM
10331811:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES10331911:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES
10333811:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10333911:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10329811:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10329911:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10563611:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10563711:40 AM12:15 PMDIVE LESSONS
10327611:40 AM12:15 PMLAP SWIM10327711:40 AM12:15 PMLAP SWIM
10334212:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10334312:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10334812:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10335112:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10330212:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10330312:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10336212:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR10336312:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR
10328012:20 PM12:55 PMLAP SWIM10328112:20 PM12:55 PMLAP SWIM
1056404:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR1056414:20 PM4:55 PMWHITE STAR
1033084:20 PM4:55 PMRED STAR1033094:20 PM4:55 PMRED STAR
1032614:20 PM4:55 PMBLUE STAR1032624:20 PM4:55 PMBLUE STAR
1056485:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR1056495:00 PM5:35 PMRED STAR
1033665:00 PM5:35 PMYELLOW STAR1033675:00 PM5:35 PMYELLOW STAR
1032715:00 PM5:35 PMGREEN STAR1032725:00 PM5:35 PMGREEN STAR
1033225:40 PM6:15 PMSTARBABIES1033235:40 PM6:15 PMSTARBABIES
1056445:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR1056455:40 PM6:15 PMWHITE STAR
1033305:40 PM6:15 PMWATER AEROBICS1033315:40 PM6:15 PMWATER AEROBICS
1033466:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR1033476:20 PM6:55 PMWHITE STAR
1056526:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR1056536:20 PM6:55 PMRED STAR
1033146:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR1033156:20 PM6:55 PMSILVER STAR
1032846:20 PM6:55 PMLAP SWIM1032856:20 PM6:55 PMLAP SWIM



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