Starlight Pool

Starlight Pool 

7810 W. Osborn Rd.
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Swimming Lessons Online Registration

Swimming lessons cost $15 for a two-week session. Semi-private lessons also are available on weekends at select pools for $45. Lessons are offered for all ages. Options also include swim, dive and water basketball teams.

In 2015, Phoenix city pools will be open Memorial Day Weekend (May 23 to 25, 2015) and May 30 to July 26. Pools are open daily, except Fridays. Pool hours for the 2015 season are 1 to 7 p.m.

Daily admission at city pools is $3 for adults, and $1 for children and seniors. A season pass for a family of four costs $75 ($7 for each additional family member), while an adult season pass is $30 and a child/senior pass is $20. Starlight Pool is one of 20 locations that participate in the city's Kool Kids program, through which children age 17 and younger can enjoy free admission.

Pool Amenities:

  • Shade Ramadas
  • Vending Machines
  • Baby Pool
  • Slide
  • Water Basketball Hoop
  • ADA Wet Ramp



STARLIGHT POOL7810 West Osborn Rd.(602) 495-2412
Cigna Summer
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourseDays
1031566/9 - 7/261:30 PM2:30 PMLIFEGUARD ACADEMYMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
1031556/9 - 7/191:30 PM2:30 PMJR LIFEGUARDMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
1031526/9 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMDISCOVERY GUARDMonday, Wednesday
1031516/10 - 7/123:00 PM4:00 PMCUB CLUBTuesday, Thursday
Recreation Team
Class #DatesStart timeEnd timeCourseDays
1031576/2 - 7/108:50 AM9:50 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 11-17 YRSMonday - Thursday
1031586/2 - 7/109:50 AM10:50 AMRECREATIONAL SWIM TEAM 5-10 YRSMonday - Thursday
SESSION A: June 2 - June 12, 2014SESSION B: June 16 - June 26, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10319611:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10319811:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10319711:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10319911:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10315911:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10316011:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10324011:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10324111:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10314111:00 AM11:35 AMBLUE STAR10314211:00 AM11:35 AMBLUE STAR
10318711:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES10318911:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES
10320211:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10320611:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10320311:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10320811:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10316111:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10316211:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10566011:40 AM12:15 PMYELLOW STAR10314311:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR
10320412:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10320912:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10320512:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10321112:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10316712:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10316912:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10316812:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10317012:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10324412:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR10324512:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1032074:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR1032124:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR
1032104:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR1032154:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR
1031734:45 PM5:20 PMRED STAR1031744:45 PM5:20 PMRED STAR
1031464:45 PM5:20 PMBLUE STAR1031474:45 PM5:20 PMBLUE STAR
1032285:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR1032295:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR
1032365:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR1032375:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR
1031765:30 PM6:05 PMRED STAR1031775:30 PM6:05 PMRED STAR
1032465:30 PM6:05 PMYELLOW STAR1032475:30 PM6:05 PMYELLOW STAR
1031886:15 PM6:50 PMSTARBABIES1031906:15 PM6:50 PMSTARBABIES
1032316:15 PM6:50 PMWHTIE STAR1032326:15 PM6:50 PMWHITE STAR
1031816:15 PM6:50 PMRED STAR1031846:15 PM6:50 PMRED STAR
1032536:15 PM6:50 PMYELLOW STAR1032546:15 PM6:50 PMYELLOW STAR
SESSION C: June 30 - July 10, 2014SESSION D: July 14 - July 24, 2014
Class #Start timeEnd timeCourseClass #Start timeEnd timeCourse
10320011:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10321911:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10320111:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR10322011:00 AM11:35 AMWHITE STAR
10316311:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR10316511:00 AM11:35 AMRED STAR
10324211:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR10324311:00 AM11:35 AMYELLOW STAR
10315311:00 AM11:35 AMGREEN STAR10315411:00 AM11:35 AMGREEN STAR
10319111:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES10319411:40 AM12:15 PMSTARBABIES
10321311:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10322111:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10321411:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR10322211:40 AM12:15 PMWHITE STAR
10316411:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR10316611:40 AM12:15 PMRED STAR
10314411:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR10314511:40 AM12:15 PMBLUE STAR
10321612:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10322312:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10321712:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR10322412:20 PM12:55 PMWHITE STAR
10317112:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10317212:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10317912:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR10318012:20 PM12:55 PMRED STAR
10324812:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR10325012:20 PM12:55 PMYELLOW STAR
1032184:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR1032264:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR
1032254:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR1032274:45 PM5:20 PMWHITE STAR
1031754:45 PM5:20 PMRED STAR1031824:45 PM5:20 PMRED STAR
1032494:45 PM5:20 PMYELLOW STAR1032514:45 PM5:20 PMYELLOW STAR
1032305:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR1032345:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR
1032385:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR1032395:30 PM6:05 PMWHITE STAR
1031785:30 PM6:05 PMRED STAR1031835:30 PM6:05 PMRED STAR
1031485:30 PM6:05 PMBLUE STAR1031495:30 PM6:05 PMBLUE STAR
1031926:15 PM6:50 PMSTARBABIES1031956:15 PM6:50 PMSTARBABIES
1032336:15 PM6:50 PMWHITE STAR1032356:15 PM6:50 PMWHITE STAR
1031856:15 PM6:50 PMRED STAR1031866:15 PM6:50 PMRED STAR
1032526:15 PM6:50 PMYELLOW STAR1031506:15 PM6:50 PMBLUE STAR
**Bolded classes are $3.00.Thank you to SRP for their donation and support for teaching kids how to swim.