Papago Park Trail Map and Descriptions

The symbols to the left of each trail name represent difficulty ratings. 

Trails on the west side of Galvin Pkwy

The parking lot located on the western end of Papago Park Drive has a drinking fountain, bike rack and picnic ramada with a few tables (not reservable). There are no restroom facilities on the west side of the park.

West Park Accessible Trail
Length: 1.2 miles
Elevation gain: Minimal
Difficulty: Easy, but the second half of the trail becomes more difficult for wheelchair users with a few slopes that exceed a 5 percent grade

The trailhead is located off Papago Park Road – head west on the road from Galvin Parkway just north of Van Buren Street. (Heading east on Papago Park Road off of Galvin Parkway leads to the park's main entrance).

This is an asphalt surface that follows accessible guidelines for the first .6 of a mile. There are three benches along the way and this first part of the trail goes near Eliot ramada. The second part of this trail has the same surface but has a few slopes that exceed 5%.

West Park Loop Trail
Length: 3.1 miles (5K)
Elevation gain: Minimal (approximately 50 feet)
Difficulty: Easy

This trail begins from the parking lot on the west side of Galvin Parkway. To the east of the parking lot is a single track, dirt trail that heads north towards the big buttes. It continues counterclockwise around the big butte and heads south around the smaller butte. It continues west around the golf course, eventually leading back to the parking lot. This is an easy trail for hikers and mountain bikers.

Trails on the east side of Galvin Parkway

This is the main area of the park. There are restrooms, drinking fountains, picnic ramadas and fishing lakes.

Nature Trail
Length: .25 mile
Elevation gain: None
Difficulty: Easy

This trail begins at the ranger office (follow signs from the park entrance). This easy trail features interpretive signs that describe Sonoran Desert plants and animals.

Hole-In-The-Rock Trail
Length: Very short (1/10 of a mile)
Elevation gain: Approximately 200 feet
Difficulty: Easy

This short trail leads to a popular landmark with good views.