Site Development Inspections

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​Site inspections follow the process outlined below:

1. The customer requests an inspection by one of the following options:

- By phone using the Automated Inspection Request System (AIRS) at 602-495-0800. This is a computer-based interactive voice response system. The customer must have a touch-tone phone to use this system. Inspection requests made before 9 p.m. will be scheduled for the next business day.

- Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., if the customer does not have a touch-tone phone or would rather speak to city staff, they may call 602-495-0800, and remain on the line for assistance.

- By internet using the Online Permitting System and selecting "Cancel or Request Inspections." To request an inspection, the customer will enter the key number that is printed on the receipt issued when the permit is purchased.

2. A city inspector conducts the inspection based on the approved plans and adopted city codes and ordinances. If the inspection fails, the contractor is notified with a red tag that lists the issue(s) that must be resolved. After resolving the issue the customer must call for a re-inspection. Upon passing inspection, work may continue to the next stage.

3. The final inspection is conducted when all work on the project is completed. Off-site (right-of-way) and on-site (lot) improvements must be completed, inspected and approved prior to final approval of the project. If the project also includes construction of new structures, final building occupancy does not occur until all site inspections have been approved.