Backflow Prevention Program

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​​​​​​​As a water supplier, the city of Phoenix is obligated to protect its public water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution by enacting and enforcing a containment (secondary) backflow prevention program.

The Phoenix Uniform Plumbing Code protects the public water supply and private on-site water supply and distribution systems by prohibiting cross-connections between potable (suitable for drinking) and non-potable water systems, and by requiring installation of primary and secondary backflow prevention methods. Secondary backflow methods provide an increased level of protection for the public water supply system.

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Backflow Frequently Asked Questions

Backflow Tester Program Introductory Letter

Technical Guidelines

Standard Details
Note: The Planning & Development Department can not release a list of approved backflow prevention assemblies, which is available to USC members only. However, for information on listed approved backflow assemblies, contact Backflow Prevention at 602-534-2140.

Backflow Testers


Resources and Links

For more information, call 602-534-2140, or Email​