Residential (Single Family) Documents

​​​Residential development includes single-family homes and duplex projects. Construction permits are needed for new homes and when existing homes are remodeled or additions are made. For instance, a permit is needed for a garage/carport construction or conversion, porch enclosure, demolition, patio cover, fence/wall, and other construction projects. For a detailed listing of the types of construction that require a permit, see the Residential Single Family Construction Permit Guide (PDF).

Development involving triplex, fourplex, condominium, and apartment buildings require a commercial permits.  Visit Commercial​ Permits​ for more details.​ 

The links below provide access to residential development applications, checklists and informational guides. These documents provide critical information needed to successfully complete the residential project plan review, permitting and inspections process. 

For your convenience, residential documents are presented in the following categories:

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