Residential Projects

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​Residential development includes single-family homes, duplex, and townhome projects. Construction permits are needed for new homes and when existing homes are remodeled or additions are made. For instance, a permit is needed for a garage/carport construction or conversion, porch enclosure, demolition, patio cover, fence/wall, and other construction projects. For a detailed listing of the types of construction that require a permit, see the Residential Single Family Construction Permit Guide (PDF).

Development involving triplex, fourplex, condominium and apartment buildings require commercial permits.  Visit Commercial​ Permits​ for more details.​ 

Residential Plan Review Appointments

Appointments are required for submittal of the following Residential Plans:

  • Standard Single Family Residences
  • Standard Duplex Buildings
  • Standard Townhomes/Single Family Attached Buildings
  • Projects assigned to a specific PDD Team Leader that include residential buildings

     (Requires Team Leader approval to submit)

  • Special projects as determined by Residential Supervisors

All other submittals do not require an appointment and can be submitted in office at Phoenix City Hall or online for Electronic Plan Review (EPR)

Appointments shall be requested by email at

Each appointment request will be processed in the order it was received. Please allow 24 hours from the time received for an appointment to be scheduled. 

NOTE:  Appointment requests for traditional submittals at our City Hall Development Center will include an appointment time and date for a meeting. 
Appointments for electronic (EPR) submittals that can be done online will include confirmation of the day your project may be uploaded for submittal.

  • Appointments dates:  As available on first come first serve basis
  • Appointment submittal limit: 
    1.   10 standard plans or revisions to standard plans maximum per appointment for one builder per week
    2.   20 standard plans or revisions to standard plans maximum per week for all appointments scheduled
  • Team Projects: For team/special projects it is 1 submittal per appointment.  Staff will indicate availability in appointment request response and the assigned team leader is required to attend the submittal meeting.  (Team projects include Townhome Developments, Single Family Attached Developments, any development with multiple dwelling units on a single lot, etc.)
  • Appointments times:  General appointment times are 10am or 2pm.  If special times are needed, please include that information in your appointment request for consideration.

NOTE: Appointment requests sent after 5pm will be considered as submitted the next business day.

Plan Review Time Frames:
Standard Single-Family or duplex Residential Submittals:  30 calendar days
Team or special projects:  Vary depending on project square footage

See monthly turnaround time averages at the link below
All turnaround times are subject to change depending on current workloads.

The links below provide access to residential development applications, checklists and informational guides. These documents provide critical information needed to successfully complete the residential project plan review, permitting and inspections process. 

For your convenience, residential documents are presented in the following categories:

For more details, select from the following links.​

If you cannot locate the information you need regarding residential development, contact the Planning & Development Department at 602-262-7811.