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Administrative Review, Residential Building
Appeal Process Summary
Civil Sequence Guide, New Subdivisions
Concrete Wall and Column Reinforcement Coverage Guidelines​​​
Conversions to Condominiums
Demolition Permit, Policy and Procedure
Development Due Diligence, Residential
Fees, Counter Consultation and Research
Fences and Walls, Permits Needed
Fences, Location, Permits and Inspections Policy
Fire, Temporary Fire Access and Fire Protection, Process
Guide to Obtaining Single Family Permits
IECC Compliance for Group R-2 Apartments​
Lag Screws and Lag Bolts Use and Installation
​​​​License and Bond Requirements
Non-bearing Wall Detail
Patio Cover Guideline
Plot Plan, Single Family Example
Post Tension Slabs on Grade
Post Tension Sport Slabs on Grade
Residential Arc Fault Guideline
Residential Construction Survey Requirements
Residential Cooling Systems Sizing Guideline​​
Residential Masonry Cross Section​
Residential Over the Counter Permits
​​Residential Permit by Inspector Guideline
Residential Redline Permit Process
Residential Smoke Alarms, Guideline​​​​​
Residential Wood Cross Section
RESNET HERS Rating as Alternate​​
Sealed Plan Requirements​​
Single Family Design
Solar Systems, Residential Information
Spray Foam Insulation Information Sheet
Standard Plans, Residential Guidelines
Vapor Intrusion
Work Exempt from Permit

Grading and Drainage

Grading and Drainage, Previously Developed Residential Single Lots
Grading and Drainage, Residential On Lot Retention
Grading and Drainage, Residential Single Lot Guidelines


Hillside FAQ's
Hillside Landscape Research Resources


Automated Inspection Request System
Electric Meter, Early Placement
Inspections, Online Scheduling Procedure
Inspections, Residential Checklist


Pool Information Page
Pool Barrier Materials Interpretation

Pool Barrier Requirements
Pool Property Survey Requirements
Pool Property Survey Waiver

Water Meter

Water Meter, Residential Worksheet
Water Meter, Sizing