Lot Split / Lot Combination / Lot Line Adjustment

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​This process is a way to change property lines through the recordation of new deeds and can be used in certain circumstances where a Final Plat is not required to subdivide lots, combine lots, or simply move the property line between lots.  This form can be used to evaluate if this process or a Final Plat is the correct submittal:

You may also contact Site Planning staff at pdd.siteplanning@phoenix.gov to help determine if this process can be used for your property.

You may also be directed by staff to use this process to "remove a red star" shown on City mapping systems.  Red stars are placed on properties which have been subdivided or combined by deeds recorded directly with the Maricopa County Recorder without first obtaining City approval.

Once it has been determined that this process is applicable to your property, you may apply by filling out this form:

After completing the application,  submit the application through our Electronic Plan Review (EPR) Portal linked below or set up an appointment with us to take it in at the counter by emailing your request to pdd.siteplanning@phoenix.gov .

Please note, for EPR submittals there is NO land division / lot combination option, so please select 'Site' under 'What type of plan are you submitting?' and 'Amendment to Site Plan' under 'What type of Site Plan are you submitting?'

Application fees are due at the time of filing.  Staff will direct you how to pay these fees once the application is filed via EPR or at your counter appointment.  

Fees are as follows:

  • Lot Combinations:  $300 for single-family residential;  $1,050 for multi-family and non-residential land uses
  • Lot Divisions:  $600 for single-family residential (unless Hillside);  $1,200 for Hillside, multi-family, and non-residential land uses
  • Lot Line Adjustments:  Same as lot divisions
  • "Red Star Removal":  Same as lot division or lot combination, dependent​​ upon what had occurred without City approval

Please note:   All lot splits, combinations, lot line adjustments and "red star removals" may first require additional processes to be completed.  Examples are Zoning Variances if the lots do not meet zoning requirements, Hillside review if slopes on the site are 10% greater, and dedications if streets or other easements are required, etc.  These requirements will be provided to you during the review process or sooner, if staff determine one or more of the processes is necessary as a prerequisite to completing the review.