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​​​​​​​​​​​​The city of Phoenix has adopted a process that provides a framework for satisfaction of all requirements for issuance of building permits. Section 507 of the Phoenix Zoning Ordinance contains the specifics of the Development Review Ordinance. Other city code sections relevant to building permit issuance are incorporated into Section 507 by reference. For information on residential zoning, select Chapter 6: Zoning Districts.

Development review applies to all public and private facilities in residential, commercial and industrial developments in all zoning districts of the city. It begins with the site plan rev​iew process which seeks to address the following:

  • Establish an integrated city-wide review p​rocedure to process development review documents and subdivisions.
  • Ensure a high-quality visual appearance and promote functional solutions for all development within the city of Phoenix.
  • Provide meaningful continuity between the appearance and function of individual projects. The requirements set forth are not intended to promote uniformity or stifle the creativity expressed in individual projects.

Various site planning services are provided by Planning & Development (P&D). Since each development project is unique, not all services listed may be necessary for your project. For additional information, select a topic from the list below: