Police Officer Recruit Out of State Applicants

​How many trips are needed t​o​​ get hired?

1st trip:

  • Take Written Exam*
  • Physical Agility Assessment

*Not every Written Exam test date is followed by a Physical Agility Assessment

2n​d trip:

  • Background Packet Interview w/ Detective
  • Polygraph
  • Physical Agility Update

3rd​​ trip:

  • Psychological Exam
  • Medical Exam
  • Controlled Substance Screening
  • Physical Agility Update

An out of state applicant must make their first trip to Phoenix for the written exam and physical agility assessment on the posted exam date. If they pass both of these, applicants are then given a background packet to complete. Once background packets have been returned they will be reviewed for disqualifiers. During the second trip to Phoenix, the background interview, polygraph, and physical agility update will be completed. After successful completion of the second trip, applicants will then be at the Conditional Hire stage. After Detectives complete the background investigation, out of state applicants will still need to make a third and final trip to sign hire paperwork and to complete the medical exam, psychological exam, and controlled substance screening.

The police department understands the burden this places on out of state applicants and will make an effort to consolidate as many steps in the process as reasonably possible. Out of state applicants may be able to complete the entire process within three trips to Phoenix, Arizona; at their own expense. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the City of Phoenix Police Personnel Section at (602) 262-6925. 

Is the process different for out of state applic​ants?

The only difference between the out of state process and the process for someone from Arizona is the ease and availability to access the steps in the hiring process over time. The amount of time it takes to get hired for an applicant from in state and an applicant from out of state can be the same.

Transition as​sistance?

We do not offer transition assistance.

Hiring b​​​onuses?

Instead of a one-time hiring bonus we offer the potential to earn Career Enhancement Program benefits of up to $7,612.80 every year of your career until retirement.  See the benefits page

How does Arizona's hiring process differ fro​m other states?

We will pay you to go through the Academy. You will be paid $22.98/hr while attending the Academy during the day for 40 hours a week. You do not reside at the Academy. You do not sign a minimum term contract with our agency. If for some unfortunate reason you have to leave the department soon after you are hired you will not be required to pay anything back to the department for early termination.

Our department does not have a waiting list.

New recruits who graduate from the academy with their certification go directly to patrol for field training. ​