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​PHX Police Officer Recruitment​

Out-of-State Applicants

Is the pro​​​cess different for out-of-state applicants?

The only difference between the out-of-state process and the process for someone from Arizona is the ease and availability to access the steps in the hiring process over time. The amount of time it takes to get hired for an applicant from in state and an applicant from out-of-state can be the same. The entire process can be different for each applicant. 

How does Arizona's hiring process differ from other states?


We will pay you to go through the Academy. You will be paid $​33.01/hr while attending the Academy during the day for 40 hours a week. 

Our department does not have a waiting list.

New recruits who graduate from the academy with their certification go directly to patrol f​or field training. ​​​