Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does the hiring process take?

    The average length of time to process a successful applicant is 90-100 days. However, the hiring process can take up to a year.
  2. What is on the written test? ​
    The written test is a 100 question multiple choice timed exam. Questions are related to observation and memory, ability to learn police material, situational judg​ment and problem solving, and a police interest questionnaire.  

          A 70% or higher is passing score for this written exam. --> Sample Test

  1. The physical agility assessment doesn't seem too difficult. Do I need to be in shape to pass? 
    Many applicants have a misconception that the physical agility assessment is easy. What many applicants fail to acknowledge is that each event must be completed in random succession with little time to rest. If you are not in good shape, you will not have the stamina or strength to complete each event successfully.
    NOTE: These are minimum standards to be considered for employment. The Police Academy will be physically challenging; therefore, you should strive to surpass the minimum standards listed. 
  2. What are the Physical Fitness Standards to be hired as a Police Recruit? 
    You must successfully pass the Peace Officer Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT).   See Step 5 in the hiring process for a description of events.
  3.  I only want to be a detective. Do I have be a patrol officer first?
    All officers initially enter patrol.  Officers who wish to transfer to any of our 80 specialty assignments must be a patrol officer for a minimum of 2 years.
  4. Is the police academy a "live in" academy? Do I need to pay for it? 
    No. Recruits are paid employees of the Police Department and live where they want to in the Phoenix metro area. They attend the academy Monday through Friday, 8 ½ hours a day for 20 weeks. Upon graduating from the academy, they are promoted to Officer.
  5.  What is the 1st step to apply to the Phoenix Police Department? 
    Complete AZPOST Personal History @ Go to​ to apply for written or online exam. Applicant must provide AZPOST Form ID Number to register. Note: Completed AZPOST PH is required to take the written exam.
  6. Is there a maximum age limit?
  7. I want to be a CSI (crime scene investigator). Does Phoenix Police have them? 
    We have civilian positions known as Crime Scene Specialist I, II, and III, and Forensic Scientist I, II, III, and IV. Crime Scene Specialists analyze, photograph, collect, and preserve physical evidence. Forensic Scientists apply the physical sciences to the investigation  of  crimes  by  performing  laboratory  analyses on physical evidence. Hiring is handled by the City of Phoenix Human Resources department which can be reached via the web site at or by calling the City of Phoenix job hotline at (602) 534-5627. You can view the job requirements on the web or listen to them via phone at the job hotline.
  8. I meet all but one of the listed minimum requirements. Does Phoenix Police allow any latitude to the requirements?
    No, all applicants must meet the minimum standards without compromise. The minimum standards listed are just the minimum standards. In order to insure the integrity, credibility, and professionalism of the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department, the standards and selection process for Police Officer are very high.
  9. Is the process different for out of state applicants?
    The only difference between the out of state process and the process for someone from Arizona is the ease and availability to access the steps in the hiring process over time.
    There are several options to reduce the travel burden for out of state applicants. The amount of time it takes to get hired for an applicant from in state and an applicant from out of state can be the same.
    Learn more about the Fast Track Program for Out of State Applicants
  10. Transition assistance?
    We do not offer transition assistance.
  11. Hiring incentives?
    Police Recruit applicants possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited academic institution are eligible for a $1,227.20 hiring incentive. The incentive will be paid out over the course of the 26-week training academy. Upon graduating the academy, all Police Recruits are promoted to a sworn Police Officer classification and enter a new pay category.
  12. How is Arizona's hiring process different than other states?
    We will pay you to go through the Academy. You will be paid $22.98/hr while attending the 20-week Academy during the day for 40 hours a week. You do not reside at the Academy. You do not sign a minimum term contract with our agency. If for some unfortunate reason you have to leave the department soon after you are hired you will not be required to pay anything back to the department for early termination. 
  13. Is there a waiting list?
    Our department does not have a waiting list.
  14. What happens after graduation from the Academy?
    New recruits who graduate from the academy with their certification go directly to patrol for field training.​

Contact a Recruiter​​
Phone: 602-534-COPS (2677)