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Police Officer Salary and Benefits Summary


Starti​​ng Salary

Top S​​alary







Salary while in the Aca​​demy 

Police Recruit (Salary During the 20 week Academy)
Annual$47,798                 $22.98/hr.


Career Enhancemen​​t Pay ​​(Exclusive to the Phoenix Police Department)

C.E.P. is a 4 tiered bonus pay program that is based on an accumulation of points derived from training, skills, experience, and education.

​Level 1 (30 points) Per Year $1,903.20
Level 2 (50 points) Per Year $3,806.40
Level 3 (70 points) Per Year $5,709.60
Level 4 (90 points) Per Year $7,612.80

Bilingual ​​Incentive Pay

Officers receive $10/hour in addition to regular hourly pay while engaged in translation activities. This includes all related paperwork, investigation time and court appearances.

Productivity Enhancem​​​ent Pay

After 7 years of service, employees receive $80.00 for each year of service in excess of 6 years to a maximum of $2,080 per year at 20 years of service based on the qualifying date.

Employees with 20+ years of service receive $125 for each year of service up to a maximum of $4000 per year at 22 years.

Education/Tuition Re​imbursement

Currently $6,500.00 in reimbursement funds is available every year to pay for tuition, books, and lab fees. Must attend an accredited college or university in a related field of study.

Nightshift/Weekend Di​fferential Pay

Officers receive $.60/hour in addition to hourly pay when working a shift which ends after 10:00pm; and $.25/hour in addition to hourly pay when working a weekend shift.

Compensatory Time Ba​nk Option

Officers can continuously store up to 250 hours of overtime in their comp bank and have the option to cash out any hours in their comp bank at any time or may use any hours in their comp bank to take time off.

Paid Co​urt Overtime

Court appearances at a time other than the regular scheduled duty time is compensated at a rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times the officer's regular hourly rate of pay with a minimum 3 hours court time paid for each court appearance.

Court standby at a time other than the regular scheduled duty time pay is compensated at a rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times the officer's regular hourly rate of pay with a minimum 2 hours per day while an officer is on standby.

Department Provide​d Equipment

The Phoenix Police Department provides its officers with their firearm, gun-belt (including equipment carriers such as holster, magazine carrier, etc.) , handcuffs, ammunition, pepper spray, breast badge, flat badge, traffic vest, helmet, fingerprint kit, puncture resistant gloves, tape recorder.

Uniform ​​Allowance

Employees receive $500.00 per year for the purchase of uniforms and any additional equipment.

Ballistic Vest Allowance

Officers receive $800.00 to purchase their initial vest and every 5 years to purchase a replacement vest in addition to the annual uniform allowance.

4/10 Hour Wor​​k Schedule

Patrol officers work 4 days a week for 10 hours each shift. Officers are given a 30 minute paid lunch break and a 15 minute paid break, which may be combined to a 45 minute paid lunch break during each shift.

Vacation​ Leave

1 to 5 Years of Service - 8 Hours Per Month = 96 Hours Per Year
6 to 10 Years of Service - 10 Hours Per Month = 120 Hours Per Year
11 to 15 Years of Service - 11 Hours Per Month = 132 Hours Per Year
16 to 20 Years of Service - 13 Hours Per Month = 152 Hours Per Year
21 Years or More - 15 Hours Per Month = 180 Hours Per Year

Personal​​ Leave

20 hours of personal leave time each year.

Holi​​day Pay

9.5 paid holidays each year. If an officer's duty day is on a holiday, the officer will receive an additional 8 hours of pay for the day if it is worked.

Training Reimbursement

Officers have the option to use up to $500 of their tuition reimbursement funds to attend training schools, seminars and classes that are not affiliated with an academic institution.

Health & Life ​Insurance Provided

Retirement Pl​​an Provided



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