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Certified Clean Green Agreement

I (we) agree:

  1. The driver or representative must attend a Certified Clean Green training class. The individual or representative attending the training class must be responsible for all vehicles on the account to be used as part of the Certified Clean Green program.
  2. The Certified Clean Green program and associated disposal rate are only available to Express Exit Disposal Permit customers. Customers must comply with the terms of their Express Exit Disposal Permit Agreement.
  3. This agreement is valid for one year and may be renewed annually on agreement by both parties and completion of renewal agreement.
  4. The Certified Clean Green program is subject to change.
  5. All trucks to be part of the Certified Clean Green program must display the Express Exit Disposal Permit bumper sticker.
  6. All trucks to be part of the Certified Clean Green program must be listed on application form.
  7. All trucks must be tared prior to becoming part of the Certified Clean Green program and may be required to retare at any time as requested by Solid Waste Disposal staff.
  8. The discount rate will be applied immediately at the scale (no need to return to scale house for discount).
  9. The discount will apply only to loads that meet the requirements of this agreement.
  10. Customer is responsible for informing the Weigh Station Clerk that the load is Certified Clean Green.
  11. Customer is responsible for verifying the rate on the ticket prior to leaving the scale.
  12. Customers must present weigh ticket to the spotter on entering and leaving the mulch area.
  13. The Certified Clean Green discount will be revoked for noncompliance with this agreement.
  14. All drivers must follow all facility rules and staff directions.
  15. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the mulch area or disposal facility.
  16. All Certified Clean Green loads must be presorted as follows:
    • No palm fronds or treated lumber.
    • No bagged vegetation.
    • Customer is required to remove all unacceptable materials from the load or forfeit the discount.
    • No rocks, dirt, or construction debris allowed.
    • Trees, logs and stumps must be trimmed of brush and cut into pieces not exceeding four feet in length.

For questions regarding this application or the Certified Clean Green program, contact Solid Waste Disposal at 602-495-3784.

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