​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2050 Waste​​ Goals

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2050 Waste Goals​​

The City of Phoenix has goals to reach 50% waste diversion by 2030 and zero waste by 2050, consistent with the goals set by the City’s Climate Action Plan. To reach these goals, Phoenix seeks to develop the circular economy and maximize recycling and reuse efforts to further divert resources away from the landfill. Our efforts will lessen environmental impacts by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere, while creating healthier communities, and spurring economic activity.
The Zero Waste team​ provides education and community outreach to teach the community about waste diversion. These methods include group tours of the city's North Gateway Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), educational presentations to schools, neighborhood and community meetings, and hosting informational booths at community events