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What are the benefits of going solar?                    

According to the Department of Energy, nearly 4 million American households have embraced solar energy and are currently generating their own electricity. This clean energy source has not only enhanced the dependability of the electric grid but has also provided many benefits to homeowners who make the switch.

Benefit 1: Solar panels are becoming more affordable

Residential solar is more affordable than ever with more incentives in place to assist with the cost. There are also different financing options to make purchasing solar energy systems easier with less money up front.

Benefit 2: Save money

Going solar provides the opportunity for homeowners to save money on your monthly electricity bill. The amount you can save depends on how much electricity you consume, the size of your solar energy system, and how much power it generates.

In addition to saving money on your electric bill by generating your own electricity, you can also sell back your unused solar energy for additional incentives depending on your utility company.

Benefit 3: Keep the lights on with the grid goes down

Generating your own solar power can give you the freedom to keep the lights on if there is a disruption in power. Residential solar energy systems that are paired with battery storage, generally called solar-plus-storage systems, provide power regardless of the weather or the time of day without having to be backed up by the grid.

Benefit 4: Solar can increase your home's value

Buying a solar energy system can increase the value of your home. A study conducted by Berkeley National Laboratory found that solar panels or a solar energy system are viewed as upgrades just like a renovated room, like your kitchen or basement. Homebuyers across the country have shown that they are willing to pay a premium for a home with a solar energy system in place. As for third-party owned, the impact is largely neutral but can occasionally still add value, especially for prepaid leases.

Benefit 5: Reduce your carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by an individual, organization, product, or activity. By generating clean energy from the sun, solar energy systems help to reduce the need for fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing your carbon footprint. 

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