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​​Owning vs. Leasing a Solar Power System

Are you looking to own your own solar panels?

Phoenix partners with Solar United Neighbors to help get homeowners  competitive pricing on solar panels through their local program Phoenix Metro's Solar Co-Op, which is an affordable and easy way to go solar.​

Phoenix also partners with EnergySage to help consumers compare solar options. This free portal provides an easy way to assess a property's solar capacity, get an instant estimate on solar-related energy savings, and get quotes from local vetted installers. 

Disclaimer: The City of Phoenix does not endorse one solar company over another. The options above support the evaluation process of solar companies to have a better buying experience, but you can contact a solar company directly. 

Additional resources for this process include AriSEIA Solar Customers, and SRP Preferred Solar Installers.​

What to Consider When Buying

You can pay for a solar system upfront in cash or use a solar loan. EnergySage provides a great overview of what to keep in mind when selecting a solar loan. More information on how to choose a solar loan is here.
There are federal and state incentives in place to assist with the cost of your solar energy system including the Federal Residental Solay Energy Tax Credit and the Arizona Department of Revenue's Income Tax Credit for Residential Solar Devices. 

Visit our Solar Incentives webpage​ to learn more. 

For more information and other considerations check out the Department of Energy's  Homeowner's Guide to Going Solar.​

What to Consider When Leasing

A solar lease allows customers to avoid paying upfront or asking for a solar loan. This option is like leasing a car; the lessee obtains electricity generated from the sun without owning the solar system.​

Access the NREL Homeowners Guide to Leasing a Solar Electric System for more information on evaluating lease costs.

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