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Active Transportation Plan

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Active Transportation Program

​Active transportation is walking, bicycling, using a small wheeled vehicle, or a mobility device. It includes e-scooters and other new types of lightweight, electric vehicles. In 2019, the City of Phoenix decided to start using the term "active transportation" to include all of these wonderful ways of getting around our streets. Using a general term also helps us talk about how multi-use paths and HAWKs (pedestrian hybrid beacons) serve people walking, bicycling, or using mobility devices and small wheeled vehicles. 

People riding eScooters in downtown Phoenix

​Riders enjoy active transportation on rentable e-Scooters​ in downtown Phoenix.

Our Vision

In 2020, the Active Transportation Program developed its vision, “In 20 years Phoenicians will enjoy active transportation as part of daily life.” In order for people to enjoy active transportation, the infrastructure has to be safe, comfortable and connected. Making active transportation part of daily life will look differently for everyone. In central areas of Phoenix, people might choose active transportation for most of their trips. In more residential areas, people might choose active transportation to get to nearby parks, schools, trails and transit stations. 

Our Work

Right now, the Active Transportation Program is laying the groundwork for this vision by ensuring the City of Phoenix is designing enjoyable and connected active transportation infrastructure. Through the Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program, we are adding new bike lanes and adding buffers to existing bike lanes throughout the city. Through​​ the pavement program we are also able to connect older bike lanes to and through intersections.  

Active Transportation Program staff manage Pre-Design Projects that provide larger scale active transportation improvements throughout the city. Staff also provide technical expertise on active transportation for projects that are in design and construction.  

The Active Transportation Program coordinates with city departments and community groups on active transportation issues in the City of Phoenix. The Active Transportation Program staff ensures city staff have access to professional development focusing on active transportation.​​

The First Two-Way Protected Bike Lane in Phoenix

Two-way Protected Bike Lanes Roosevelt to McDowell

Two-Way Protected Bicycle Lanes opened in June 2021 along 3rd Avenue from Roosevelt Street to McDowell Road. These lanes will be extended north to Thomas Road as part of a future project.

​Request Changes to a Street

If you would like to see something change on your street, please let us know! The first step is to figure out the type of change you would like to see.  

Request a Bike Rack

If you would like to request a bike rack in front of your business, please contact the Active Transportation team at bike@phoenix.gov.​

Active Transportation Around the City

May 2021 Carnation Community Bike Ride - Sonoran Bikeway on 3rd AvenueMembers of the Carnation neighborhood set off on a community ride to celebrate the Osborn to Indian School road improvements to the Sonoran Bikeway​.Bicycle riders enjoy the Grand Canalscape Phase 1 & 2​ project.​

Contact Us

​​Contact the Active Transportation team at bike@phoenix.gov for more information about active transportation in Phoenix.

Bike to Work Day 2019​​Workers in downtown Phoenix celebrate Bike to Work Day 2019. 2020 and 2021 events were canceled due to COVID-19.​​​Woman Riding Mountain Bike on Phoenix Trail​A mountainbiker enjoys one of the many exhilarating trails in Phoenix.

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