Water Service Issues

​​Below is a listing of water related service issues. If you need further assistance, please call us at 602-262-6251, send us an email​, or visit one our Customer Services office locations.

Pressure Related Issues

If you have a problem with your water pressure, give us a call at 602-262-6251 or send us an email, and someone will investigate the pressure issue and determine the cause. Water Services staff might need to make a visit to your service address as part of the investigation, but you will be notified in advance if you need to be home during the visit. Either way, or goal is to address your pressure issue and work with you until the issue is resolved.

Water Leaks and Emergencies

If you have or see a water emergency, such as a broken water main, fire hydrant, or water service line (between a water meter and the street), or you see water gushing from the middle of a street, please call 602-261-8000, 24-hours a day.

Water Quality Issues

The City of Phoenix Water Services Department takes great effort to ensure that the tap water delivered to our residents meets or surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards. In our effort to maintain very high water quality, the department conducts millions of measurements and tests annually throughout the treatment and distribution systems to ensure your safety. However, sometimes the pipes in a home or business can create a less than desirable quality of water, and sometimes the water source your tap water originates from may cause a different look, smell or taste than you are use to. To address the issue fully, Water Services staff can investigate the issue and make a determination as to the cause. If you think you have an issue with the quality of your water, please give us a call at 602-262-6251, or send us an email​. If you are looking for additional information about the city's water quality, you can review our most recent water quality report (also known as a consumer confidence report), which we produce every year in accordance with a mandate by regulatory agencies. Learn more about your water quality.

Plumbing Tips and Protecting Your Pipes from Freezing Temperatures

While household plumbing is an issue for the homeowner, tenant, or landlord, we thought it would be helpful for our customers to understand their plumbing and how to protect it from freezing temperatures. Learn more about your plumbing and the impact of freezing temperatures.pdficonwsd

Household Water Leaks

Water leaks inside and outside your home or business can cost you more in monthly water fees and can waste wate​​r. Learn how to find out if you have a leak.pdficonwsd

Draining and Backwashing Swimming Pools Legally

 Get information about how to drain and backwash pools legally. If you have any questions about the process to empty or refill your swimming pool, contact the Customer Services Division at 602-262-6251, or send us an e-mail​

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Project

In 2006, the City of Phoenix Water Services Department embarked upon an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) project, that allows the department to obtain meter reads electronically. Learn more about this ongoing project. pdficonwsd

Realtor Assistance Regarding Property Foreclosures

Water Customer Services has dedicated representatives to assist Realtors who need to sign on for water services at foreclosed properties. To avoid unauthorized water use charges, Realtors need to call 602-262-6251 and ask to speak to a Foreclosure Representative as soon as they have a property for listing. Our Foreclosure Representatives can assist with turning water services on or off if water is not needed at a property.

Property Owners Assistance Regarding Foreclosures

Behind on your water bill? Have you fallen behind or anticipate falling behind in paying your water bill? Our Credit Counselors would like to help by providing assistance. Our counselors will help identify if you are in need of payment arrangements or payment assistance due to loss of income or catastrophic financial crisis, including foreclosure. If it is determined payment arrangements are necessary, our counselors can set up a payment plan for you. Our counselors will monitor each arrangement for compliance and to help you stay on track. 

For further assistance, please call 602-262-6251 and ask to speak to a Credit Counselor.