Development Master Plans

The Water Services Department (WSD) reviews water and wastewater master plans associated with large-scale, multi-phase developments. If you have a pre-application meeting for development master plans scheduled with the Planning and Development Department (PDD), WSD will either provide review comments to PDD or attend the pre-application meeting to discuss the development proposal with you. 

Issues for discussion usually are:

  • The proposed land uses,

  • The estimated water demand and wastewater generated  by the proposal,

  • The phasing of any needed water and/or wastewater treatment and conveyance infrastructure needed to serve the development.

  • The developer responsibilities to build and/or finance the needed infrastructure.

Once zoning for development master plans is approved by City Council, final master plans are filed with PDD. Water and wastewater master plans are reviewed by WSD before final approval.

Occasionally water and/or wastewater master plans are required to be sent directly to WSD, not PDD. Typically this happens when a group of landowners coordinate efforts to construct larger water and/or wastewater infrastructure needed to serve the demands of the future development in an area, but are not ready to develop the land yet.