Record Drawings

​​As a water or sewer lines are constructed, the responsible engineer may either:

  • Certify that the line is built exactly according to construction plans, or

  • Make the appropriate changes on record drawings.

Completed record drawings are given to the Planning and Development Department's offsite inspector, who then delivers them to Water Services Department's Infrastructure Record Services Division. This division ensures that complete land-base information has been included in the documents, a water and/or wastewater agreement has been prepared and gone to City Council, an Interim Letter Acceptance has been prepared, and that any other necessary documents are provided. Once all necessary information is confirmed, the plans are mapped. After mapping is complete and a City inspector has ensured that the paving adjustments are complete, the Water Services Department will release the meters.

Requirements For Acceptable Water Plan Record Drawings

Requirements For Acceptable Sewer Plan Record Drawings

​For more info or questions, call the Water Services Department's Infrastructure Record Services Division at 602-495-5601.