Site Plans/Construction Plans

Site Plans

Site plan review starts at the Planning and Development Department (PDD), which routes conceptual plans and other documents to the Water Services Department for review and comment before the pre-application meeting.  

  • If your site plan is for a parcel with previously approved water and/or wastewater development master plans, the Water Services Department will review the site plan to ensure that the uses, scale and intensity are consistent with the prior approved master plans.  

  • If there are no master plans for the site, the Water Services Department will conduct an initial review of the proposal's impacts on infrastructure.  Once preliminary plans have been submitted, the Planning and Development Department will route the preliminary site plan to the Water Services Department for review.

Construction Plans

After preliminary plan approval, the PDD reviews construction plans that are submitted to the City for:

  • 12-inch and smaller water distribution lines

  • Fire lines

  • Wastewater collection mains smaller than 15-inch in diameter

If the project is outside of the City, but Phoenix provides service, these projects are reviewed by the Water Services Department (WSD) and by the relevant jurisdiction.

Water reviews plans for larger infrastructure including:

  • Booster pump stations

  • Pressure reducing facilities (PRVs)

  • Well sites

  • Storage facilities

  • Water transmission mains that are 16-inch diameter and larger

  • Wastewater collection mains that are 15-inch diameter and larger

  • Wastewater lift stations, public and private, that handle 3,000 gallons per day or more

  • Treatment plant process works

  • Any other major infrastructure

Privately funded projects are submitted to PDD, which collects all fees and then passes the projects on to the WSD for design review. All privately funded development and public Capital Improvement Program projects that are not in the public right-of-way must be reviewed by PDD for building code compliance.