Frequently Asked Questions

  Chlorine Use in Tap Water (Revised June 2015) Chromium 6(hexavalent chromium)(Revised June 2015)
  City Services Tax (Posted July 2015) Cloudy or Discolored Water (Revised June 2015)​
  ​​Fluoride Use in Tap Water (Revised June 2015) Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Regards to the Water Supply
(Revised June 2015)
  Roof Rats (Revised June 2015) Sewer Cleaning to Remove Grease and Tree Roots (Revised June 2015)     
  Taste, Odor and Hardness in Regards to Tap Water (Revised June 2015)      
Water Conservation and Resources Related FAQs​​ (Detailed)​    
  Water Quality - General Questions (Revised June 2015)      
Water Supplies & Drought ​(Revised June 2015)