Setting Up Irrigation Zones

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1zone72.gifSingle Zone Irrigation - Incorrect Method

Many irrigation systems, especially older ones, were installed with only a single valve to provide water to turf, shrubs and trees. These types of systems are inefficient because different types of plants need different amounts of water and different frequencies of watering. This type of system will also make it difficult to choose which plants, such as your grass, you would let die if water restrictions are implemented. Below is an example of a single valve system.









3zone72.gifMultizone Irrigation - Correct Method

This example shows a multizone system with separate valves leading to grass, shrubs and trees. This is more efficient for proper watering of each plant type which means healthier plants and good water conservation techniques. Zoned irrigation systems also provide a better opportunity for managing your landscaping during drought. When you install a new system, or redesign your old one, prioritize plants and put the high priority on one valve and lower priority plants on second and third valves.​

By being careful about how you use water you can help slow down the effect drought has on our water supply. There are a number of websites with information on water conservation.

The Water - Use It Wisely website lists more than one-hundred water saving tips for our area.