Water Resources Information

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Phoenix's Water Supply is in Great Shape

Phoenix has had an ample water supply for many years, but we encourage our users to conserve water every day.

  • Our city does not depend upon the rainfall for its water. Over the period of more than a century, the city has developed multiple water sources resulting in a diversified water portfolio.
  • Our water conservation efforts include efficient use of reclaimed water for non-potable purposes, extensive groundwater management and aggressive leak detection and repair programs. All of these efforts have helped extend our available water supplies.
  • The city conducts effective drought management planning that ensures reliable supplies.

Over the 20 year period from 1994 through 2013, Phoenix's average per person water usage dropped 25 percent. The total water produced by Phoenix for its customers in 2013 was the lowest it's been since 1995, in spite of a 30 percent increase in population (340,000 people) during the same period of time. 

Phoenix has exceeded the State of Arizona's water conservation requirements and has reduced its reliance on groundwater to a minimum.  The City has worked hard to develop a sustainable water supply and has been designated by the State as having a 100-year assured water supply. And, Phoenix recycles effectively 100 percent of its wastewater, delivering it for use in agriculture, energy production, urban irrigation, aquifer recharge and riparian wetland maintenance.

Water conservation is promoted as a lifestyle in Phoenix and we encourage customers to think about water every time they use it.​

Through these efforts and as we plan for the future, Phoenix water supplies continue to keep pace with demand. ​ Click on a topic below to learn more.​