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​Saving Water the Low-tech Way

Digital timers

When it comes to saving water, high-tech equipment is not always needed.

Beat the heat

Instead of residential misters and other outdoor water-cooling fans, cool outdoor patios with shade covers. Planting Arizona-native shade trees to the west or southwest of your patio can help you achieve additional cooling.


You'll save water by channeling water from gutters into planting beds. Rainwater is free and filled with plant-loving nutrients. (Keep water at least ten feet from building slabs and foundations, and avoid creating areas with standing water. West Nile virus is a serious concern in the Valley.)

Looking to New Technologies

Logo: EPA Watersense PartnerWhen it's time to remodel, replacing old appliances and other water-using technologies with high-efficiency alternatives reduces water use in your home and landscape. WaterSense- and ENERGY STAR-labels make it easy for you to choose new technologies (see Related Links).

You can also retrofit existing technologies to reduce your water consumption:

  • Weather- or sensor-based controllers, pressure-reducers, high-efficiency heads and drip lines are available to upgrade sprinkler systems; and

  • Re-circulating pumps make older evaporative coolers with continuous water flow more efficient.

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