Strategic Plan Champions

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Strategic Plan Study Area Committees

Working in 10 study area committees, a team of more than 50 people worked to develop the draft Phoenix Strategic Plan documents.  Generally, each study area committee consisted of two city champions, two champions from the public, and one city staff assistant.  These committees met with other city staff, researched existing public documents, and outreached to external partners.  Each team submitted a draft document for their study area.


Draft Study Area Champion Champion
Economic Development and EducationTodd Sanders
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Jaime Molera
Molera Alvarez Group
Financial ExcellenceLisa Daniels
Shawn Dralle
RBC Capital Markets
InfrastructureMike Hoover
Yvonne Hunter
Innovation and EfficiencyRichard Rea
Don Hamill
Community Activist
Neighborhoods and LivabilityLydia Lee
Cindy Hallman
John C. Lincoln Health Network
Phoenix TeamRoger Peck
Peck and Associates
Ron Ramirez
Coalition of Phoenix City Unions
Public SafetyRich Boals
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Rick DeGraw
SCF Arizona
Social Services DeliveryTim O'Neal
Goodwill of Central Arizona
Merl Waschler
United Way
SustainabilityDiane Brossart
Valley Forward
Lori Singleton
TechnologyJohn Blair
Retired Executive
Harvey Shrednick
W.P. Carey School of Business



Draft Study Area Champion Champion Staff Assistant
Economic Development and EducationDavid Krietor
Deputy City Manager
Toni Garvey
City Librarian
Jackie Johnson
Financial ExcellenceJeff DeWitt, Director
Finance Department
Randy Spenla
City Auditor
Cynthia Segovia
InfrastructureWylie Bearup, Director
Street Transportation Department
Barbara Glaus, Acting Director
Water Services Department
Michael Hughes
Innovation and EfficiencyDebbie  Cotton, Director
Public Transit Department
Mario Paniagua, Director
Budget and Research Department
Juan Rodriguez
Neighborhoods and LivabilityJerome Miller
Deputy City Manager
Rick Naimark
Deputy City Manager
Kweilin Waller
Phoenix TeamJanet Smith, Director
Human Resources Department
Toni Maccarone, Director
Public Information Office
Kristl Chavez
Public SafetyEd Zuercher
Assistant  City Manager
Bob Khan, Fire ChiefDave Meadows
Social Services Delivery Kim Dorney, Director
Housing Department
Jeff Jamison
SustainabilityNeil Mann, Director
Public Works Department
Debra Stark, Director
Planning and Development Department
Victoria Bernard
TechnologyLisa Takata
Executive Asst. to the City Manager
Charles Thompson
Chief Information Officer
Kevin Igo


City staff coordinating the development of the draft Strategic Plan include:

  • David Cavazos, City Manager
  • Ed Zuercher, Assistant City Manager
  • Jane Morris, Interim Executive Assistant to the City Manager
  • Sam Feldman, Staff Assistant