Study Areas

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​One of the purposes of creating this five-year Phoenix Strategic Plan is to assist in allocating or reallocating city resources as needed.  Additionally, identifying study areas further assists city management in decision-making at all levels of the organization and in setting priorities for service delivery to Phoenix residents.

The new Phoenix Strategic Plan process focuses on the ten study areas described below.

Economic Development and Education 

Ensuring a sustainable and forward-looking economic development strategy that encourages high-wage jobs.  Read ​this plan »  

Financial Excellence

Maintaining fiscally sound and sustainable budgets that reflect community values and residents' priorities.  Read this plan »  


Creating and maintaining high-quality and diverse infrastructure systems (airport, roads, water, etc.)  Read this plan »

Innovation and Efficiency  

Seeking continuous improvement and maintaining our culture of innovation and efficiency, including right-sourcing.  Read this plan » 

Neighborhoods and Livability 

Ensuring healthy, safe and beautiful neighborhoods that enhance the quality of life for all residents. Read this plan » 

Phoenix Team

Supporting our employees,volunteers and community partners to work together in order to serve our residents with the highest standard of quality and customer service.  Read this plan » 

Public Safety 

Maintaining safe neighborhoods throughout Phoenix. ​ Read this plan »

Social Services Delivery  

Encouraging new methods of social services that support independence, quality of life, and sustainable service.  Read this p​lan »


Securing environmental and economic livability for future generations in the region, with an emphasis on solar energy.  Read this plan »


Focusing on a "Web-Enabled City" that embraces technological innovation and automated city services.  Read this plan »