Public Safety Strategic Plan

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The city of Phoenix is committed to a high level of public safety and working in partnership with the community to maintain a safe and secure city.  The Public Safety Study Area includes members of and services provided by the Police Department, Fire Department, Municipal Court, Prosecutor’s Office, and Office of Emergency Management.  Working together, these departments strive to provide Phoenix with an environment of safety and security.


Prevent crimes and accidents by enhancing community awareness of public safety systems and partnering with other crime prevention programs.  

The city provides the community with information about a variety of public safety issues including crime and accident prevention, information on the operation of the judicial system, and education on police and fire department services.


  • Provide information and education to all Phoenix residents and visitors about actions that can be taken to keep themselves and their families safe.
  • Provide residents and visitors with information about how public safety agencies deliver service to the community and the operation of the judicial system.
  • Educate communities in traffic safety and the prevention of crime and accidents in the home and workplace.

Provide public safety workers with the tools necessary to professionally meet city and regional public safety needs. 

Ensure that public safety workers have the training, education, equipment, facilities, and other resources needed to provide a high level of service to the community.


  • Provide appropriate training, continuing education, professional development, programs and procedures to be able to better serve their customers, and support their safety and well-being.
  • Provide appropriate management and planning support for public safety service providers.
  • Provide necessary resources including personnel, equipment, vehicles, and facilities for public safety service providers.

Ensure timely and appropriate response.  

The city of Phoenix deploys public safety workers in a manner that provides a timely and appropriate response to emergencies.  Response resources include those needed for routine incidents as well as the capacity to respond to and manage natural and human-caused incidents of regional significance.


  • Deploy public safety resources to respond to emergencies within acceptable timeframes.
    Support emergency response with appropriate investigation and prosecution activities.
  • Provide equal access to justice, professional and impartial treatment, and the fair and timely resolution of all court matters.
  • Provide sufficient resources to manage incidents of regional significance.
  • Work in concert with other public safety, governmental, and non-governmental agencies to eliminate duplication and provide quality service and seek opportunities to work cooperatively to improve customer service and efficiency.
  • Ensure that after an incident, recovery of public and private resources occurs in the affected area(s).

Provide strong customer service internally and externally. 

Every member of the community and every organization working in Phoenix is a public safety customer.  Firefighters, police officers, and officers of the court swear an oath to protect the people they serve.  Every public safety worker should serve their customers with dignity and honor to develop mutual trust and respect.


  • Embrace diversity and treat every customer with respect, compassion, equality, and fairness and work in a way that engenders community trust and support.
  • Build relationships with communities and the public that encourage collaboration, communication, trust, and understanding.
  • Provide customers with a venue to openly discuss issues of concern.
  • Seek opportunities to work cooperatively with other jurisdictions and groups to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service.
  • Maintain relationships with other city of Phoenix departments to ensure that public safety is incorporated into the plans and goals of non public safety departments.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for community members.

Ensure fiscal responsibility in all public safety efforts. 

Public safety managers and public safety workers must be responsible stewards of the funds provided by the customers to support public safety efforts.


  • Encourage, support, and value innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement.
  • Be open to discuss and implement change in service provision methods and change in the needs of the communities that we serve.
  • Constantly seek ways to reduce the cost of public safety services while preserving or improving the quality of the service provided.
  • Utilize resources and technology carefully and effectively.
  • Pursue grant funding from all sources, as appropriate, to provide public safety services.