Social Services Delivery Strategic Plan

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The city of Phoenix has a long history of responding to community needs and providing services to those most in need.  Building upon this foundation, the city is committed to continue seeking innovative and effective methods for delivering social services.  The city will serve as a catalyst to support a full continuum of high quality services for Phoenix residents.

Though the  city of Phoenix has, and will continue to respond to specific social services needs directly where appropriate, the framework of this plan defines and coordinates the greater scope of needs and services required by Phoenix residents.   By providing a clear vision and continued leadership, city services will be provided in tandem with other resources provided by community and faith-based organizations, as well as, other levels of government.


Strengthen the safety net of social services available to protect those who are most vulnerable or in crisis.

The City of Phoenix will assure those most in need have access to basic needs such as shelter and food.  The City will connect the homeless, working poor, elderly, disabled, and victims of violent crimes to core services needed to stabilize their lives.


  • Enhance the support and delivery systems of core services including shelter, utility assistance, housing, and food to vulnerable populations.
  • Expand access to city and non-profit programs providing essential services.
  • Enhance the coordination of emergency programs to streamline client access to services.
  • Increase the effectiveness of existing and new programs through the implementation of innovative service delivery models with increased emphasis on accountability and performance-based assessments.

Enhance the quality of life for low-income or at-risk individuals and families. 

The city of Phoenix will empower all residents to live in safe, affordable housing and achieve economic self-sufficiency through access to social, employment, and other economic resources needed to maximize their quality of life.


  • Promote linkages to job training and other employment and educational resources empowering low-income households to realize a livable wage.
  • Enhance the community’s capacity to provide at-risk populations, including the disabled, elderly, and chronically homeless, with access to supportive services leading to greater self-sufficiency.
  • Develop performance-based measures, such as a “Return on Investment” (ROI) to promote effective program management and responsible fiduciary stewardship of fiscal resources.
  • Create safe and affordable housing opportunities for all Phoenix residents by strengthening programs and services that enhance opportunities for households to gain and/or retain housing meeting their economic, social and cultural needs.

Build healthy, caring communities.

The city of Phoenix will promote rich, diverse, and innovative networks of public, community, and faith-based programs, services, and facilities to maximize the potential of every community.  The city will serve as a resource and a catalyst in strengthening neighborhoods and building community capacity.


  • Engage faith and community-based organizations by promoting awareness of social services issues and developing their ability to actively respond to these needs.
  • Maximize the impact of the faith and community-based organizations' participation on the health and capacity of social services networks by leveraging their increased support through coordinated planning and strategic partnerships.
  • Enhance and expand the formal and informal networks connecting the social services sector (non-profits, faith community, etc.) to individuals and families in high need neighborhoods.
  • Develop new and innovative mechanisms to improve the alignment and efficiency of local and citywide social services resources to meet neighborhood needs.
  • Strengthen communities by promoting a broad and diverse continuum of programs and services.