Recovery Housing/Social Services

​Learn about each Phoenix Housing/Social Services project receiving Recovery funds:

​Project NameLocation​​Reason for ProjectProject Schedule​​Amount of Award​Contractors​Jobs Created/Saved​Benefit to Residents
​Workforce Investment Act Adult Training​Friendly House, 802 S. First Ave.
Goodwill of Central Arizona
3548 W. Northern Ave.
​To provide more intensive training services to adults needing additional assistance to develop the skills and abilities that increase their employability in growth occupations.​February 2009 - December 2010​$1,308,214​Goodwill
Friendly House
​13.24 in last calendar quarter​Funds are provided to individuals in need of training to increase their skills and abilities to obtain employment in careers/occupations with the potential for long-term growth.
​Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker Training​Phoenix Workforce Connection South Dislocated Worker Center, 4732 S. Central Ave.​To provide more intensive training services to dislocated workers (those who have been recently laid-off) to develop the skills and abilities to increase their employability in growth occupations.​February 2009 - December 2010​$3,141,449​​28.00 in last calendar quarter​Funds are provided to individuals for training to increase their skills and abilities to obtain employment in careers/occupations with the potential for long-term growth.
​Workforce Investment Act Youth Training​Workforce Investment Act Youth Training​To provide summer and year-round youth employment programs for disadvantaged youth.​February 2009 - June 2010​$3,164,851​Arizona OIC, Goodwill, Jewish Family and Children's Services, Urban League, Valley of the Sun United Way and YMCA​28.2 in last calendar quarter​Funds are used to provide disadvantaged youth with:

- Education and employment skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency in occupations in high demand, post secondary education and training opportunities

- Opportunities for meaningful work and service to their communities

- Opportunities to develop employment and leadership skills and a commitment to community develop among youth

​Public Housing Capital Fund Recovery Formula Grant​Public Housing Capital Fund Recovery Formula Grant​Repair and improve existing public and assisted housing units at various sites in the city of Phoenix.​May 2009 - February 2011​$4,295,283​Indigo Contracting, LLC / Indigo Painting; A&H Painting, Inc.; Fabiani Painting & Decorating, LLC; Capstone Roofing, LLC; Comet Mountain Enterprises Inc., dba Top Coat Refinishing; Arizona Eagle Air, LLC; Safe and Secure Construction; Arizona Window Center, LLC; Continental Flooring Company; Temcon Concrete Construction Company; Ky-Ko Roofing Systems, Inc; Arizona Bag and Shade, Inc.; Renovation Solution, Inc.; Premier Construction Corporation; G&G Specialty Contractors, Inc.; Clarks Maintenance, LLC; and Dusty Landscaping, LLC​1.90 in last calendar quarter​Residents live in a safer and cleaner environment through the repair and improvements in public housing units including: heating and cooling, sidewalks, playgrounds, lighting, flooring, roofing and more.
​Lead Hazard Control Program (Lead Safe Phoenix)​City Council Districts: 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8​Identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible privately owned rental or owner-occupied housing units to reduce the potential for childhood lead poisoning.​April 2009 - April 2012​$2,336,918​All Clear Environmental Services, LLC; D & K Enterprises, LLC; G & G Specialty Contractors, Inc.; Grant & Sons Construction Company, LLC; Recon Restoration, Inc.; R D Design Team, Inc.​3.49 in last calendar quarter​Remediate lead hazards in privately owned housing. Facilitate and sponsor lead worker skills training for contractors and Youthbuild students. Conduct lead poisoning prevention training and awareness at 25 community and health events. 
​Aging Services Congregate and Home Delivered Meals​City of Phoenix Senior Centers: Adam Diaz; Chinese; Devonshire; Manzanita; Marcos de Niza; McDowell Place; South Mountain Community Center; Senior Opportunities West; Sunnyslope Community Center​To help fund congregate meals at nine senior centers.​May 2009 - September 2009
​$236,301​Area Agency on Aging, Region One, Inc.​Not applicable​Maintained the existing level of congregate meal service to residents.
​Head Start Cost of Living Adjustment/Quality Improvement​City of Phoenix School Districts: Alhambra; Cartwright; Deer Valley; Fowler; Isaac; Laveen; Murphy; Pendergast; Phoenix Elementary; Riverside; Roosevelt; Washington; and Wilson​City of Phoenix School Districts: Alhambra; Cartwright; Deer Valley; Fowler; Isaac; Laveen; Murphy; Pendergast; Phoenix Elementary; Riverside; Roosevelt; Washington; and Wilson​July 2009 - September 2010​July 2009 - September 2010​Alhambra School District; Booker T. Washington School District; Deer Valley School District; Fowler School District; Golden Gate Community Center; Greater Phoenix Urban League; Murphy School District; Roosevelt School District; Washington School District; Wilson School District​0 in last calendar quarter ​Increase stability of workforce; implement programs that increase professional development of teachers; improve playgrounds and replace classroom computers.
​Head Start Expansion​Cartwright School District: ​Provide opportunity to expand the number of children who take part in the Head Start Program.​September 2009 - September 2011​$1,502,316 - includes
second-year funding
​Arizona Children's Association DBA Golden Gate Community Center​16 in last calendar quarter ​Adds 100 Head Start student openings for children in the Cartwright School District. 
​Early Head Start​City of Phoenix within the following school districts: Alhambra, Cartwright, Deer Valley, Fowler, Isaac, Laveen, Pendergast, Riverside and Washington.​To serve low-income families with pregnant women and children aged birth to three years old.​December 2009 - September 2011​$6,338,816 - includes
second-year funding
​Summa Associates
Poggi Designs, Inc.
​57 in last calendar quarter​Improves education opportunities for low-income families with children aged birth to three years old that receive developmentally appropriate home curriculum materials through this program.
​Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)​Travis L. Williams Family Services Center
4732 S. Central Ave.
​Provide homelessness prevention assistance to households who are at risk due to an economic crisis. Provide assistance to rapidly re-house residents who are homeless.​July 2009 - June 2012​$6,996,243​Not Applicable​8 in last calendar quarter​Provides short- and medium-term rental assistance, security deposits, utility bill and deposit payments, moving costs, motel and hotel vouchers, legal and credit repair services through a case management process.
​Community Development Block Grant Recovery​City Council Districts: 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8​Improve 12 public facilities and infrastructure improvement projects.​August 2009 - September 2012​$4,575,410​Blucor Contracting; Talis Construction Corporation; Johnson Carlier, Inc.; Southwest Hazard; Standard Construction, Weitz Company​1.92 in last calendar quarter​Stimulates the local economy by creating jobs, increasing energy efficiencies and expanding educational and job training opportunities for low- to moderate-income residents.
​Community Services Block GrantFamily Service Centers around the city​​The City of Phoenix Human Services Department, a sub-recipient of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, received this funding to expand Community Action Agency programs and services for Fiscal Year 2010.​July 2009 - June 2010​$2,425,607​Not applicable​0 in last calendar quarter​550 low-income households have been served at Phoenix Family Services Centers, which provide case management services to homeless families, support domestic violence initiatives, provide technical assistance to community and faith-based social service programs and develop nationally recognized Earned Income Tax Credit and financial education programs.
​Phoenix Healthy Homes Partnership​City Council Districts: 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8​Screens low-income homes for multiple residential safety and health hazards that may produce serious disease and/or injury to residents, primarily children and elderly.​April 2009 - April 2012​$875,000(Last quarter-Oct/Nov/Dec 2011)
Aboval Wood Concepts, LLC; Adobe Energy Management; Delta Bap, Inc.; Drake Development, Inc.; Dretek Communications; G & G Specialty Contractor, Inc.; Grant and Sons Construction Co., LLC; Innovative Green Solutions, Inc.; Kolsrud Enterprises, LLC; Labor's Community Services Agency (under Professional Services Contract)
​2.13 in last calendar quarter​Identify and address health hazards in high risk homes where children and elderly reside. Raise awareness of health and safety hazards in homes through education and outreach.
​Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) - Krohn West HOPE VI Project​Krohn West Public Housing
(17th Avenue/Maricopa Street)
​Revitalize an existing neighborhood.​July 2010 - March 2012​$1,930,883​McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS) Master Developer / Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) Prime Recipient; MBS Subrecipient​2.25 in last calendar quarter​The key goals of HOPE VI projects are to reconstruct public housing units and help revitalize surrounding communities by creating a mixed-income development. This effort includes constructing a high quality housing community with related amenities; developing job linkages, training and educational opportunities for area residents; and creating incentives for public and private partnerships to invest in the area.
​Access Point System Building Grant​Various Locations​Creates a central location for residents to access employment services and opportunities.​October 2009 - April 2011​$168,850​Not applicable​0 in last calendar quarter​Provides residents a place within their community to look for jobs and receive assistance from trained volunteers.
​Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2)​Only the hardest hit census tracts are eligible for funding. A selection criteria was defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is based on estimated number and percentage of foreclosures and estimated foreclosure rate with vacancy rate. Additionally, Phoenix has selected target areas which may include hard hit neighborhoods around the I-10 corridor, West Phoenix, portions of South Mountain, Laveen, Estrella and several North Central neighborhoods.​To assist neighborhoods that are in decline (or further decline) due to the negative effects of a high number and percentage of homes that have been foreclosed upon.​Start date to be determined. Award letter expected to be received after February 11, 2010; schedule will be developed after the receipt of the letter.
Completion Date - February 2013
$60,000,000​The project was awarded following a competitive application process. The application identified a consortium to undertake the project. Those Consortium members include:
Mandalay Homes, Pollack & Co., Fennemore Craig, National Farm Workers Service Center, Foundation for Senior Living, Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO), Leadership Centre, Arizona State University, Stardust Foundation, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Raza Development Fund, Arizona Multi-Bank, NSPAZ,LLC, Housing Our Communities, Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal, Greater Phoenix Urban League, Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix, and CSG.
​39.80 in last calendar quarter​NSP2 funding will be used to implement the following proposed strategies:

- Eliminate blighting conditions in neighborhoods through acquisition or other financing mechanisms, and/or rehabilitation and resale of foreclosed homes to eligible NSP2 buyers who will occupy the homes as their primary residence.

- Stabilize single family subdivisions that have been foreclosed or are experiencing a high rate of foreclosures. Strategies include acquisition, rehab and resale of foreclosed properties for homeownership and exploring positive uses for vacant land.

- Preserve affordable rental housing opportunities through acquisition and rehabilitation of multi-family properties in highly impacted areas.

​Arizona State Energy Sector Partnership Grant (SESP)​Throughout Maricopa County​The Arizona Department of Economic Security submitted a grant to the Federal Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration, funding opportunity number “SGA/DFA PY-08-20” Recovery Act-State Energy Sector Partnerships (SESP) and Training Grants. 

Project: Arizona’s Green Skills Pipeline to a Clean Energy Economy. Arizona was awarded a $6 million grant award for the State Energy Sector Partnership Grant. The city of Phoenix (in regional partnership with Maricopa Workforce Connection) received $1,245,066 in funding to train and job place 249 individuals in regional targeted industry clusters. The project scope is to establish a green skills pipeline that meets and sustains the workforce demands of its expanding green energy industries. The project time frame is 36 months.

​July 2010 - July 2013​$1,245,066​Education, businesses and industry, and community stakeholders​3.50 in last calendar quarter​Project activities will ensure a skilled workforce is developed that will meet the needs of employers in the green energy industry. It is anticipated jobs created in green energy will provided high wages that will provide economic growth for the central region.

Phoenix Workforce Connection (PWC) will provide workforce development- related activities and services to ensure job seekers and at-risk youth receive job readiness, education, training and employment opportunities in the green industries outlined in the State Energy Sector Partnership Grant. PWC will participate in, and coordinate activities with, regional grant project partners to assist workers in attaining the skills required in emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. PWC will serve as lead and coordinate for the Central Region Project and the Business Consortium Group. Phoenix Workforce Connection will provide Workforce Investment Act (WIA) training and support services to 249 participants over the course of the contract term.