Recovery Water/Environment/Energy Projects

Learn about each Phoenix Water/Environment/Energy project receiving Recovery funds:


​Project Name​Location​Reason for Project​Project Schedule​Amount of Award​Contractors​Jobs Created and/or Saved​Benefits to Residents
​Tres Rios Phase II Flow Regulating Wetlands and Phase 1C Levee​91st Avenue and Roeser Road​Flood control, environmental restoration, and regulatory compliance with state and federal requirements.​October 2008 - July 2012​$41,500,000 (Awarded to the Army Corps of Engineers)​Archer Western​0.00 as reported by the Corps of Engineers​This project provides flood control. It also creates a riparian habitat for wildlife preservation, environmental restoration, and recreational benefit.
​Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program​Citywide​To complete energy efficiency retrofits on municipal buildings, and install photovoltaic (PV) power generation at eligible city facilities. ​September 2009 - September 2012​$15,233,500​Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Ameresco​0.40 in last calendar quarter​Creates energy efficient municipal buildings and establishes a revolving sustainability fund with energy cost savings.
​Weatherization​Citywide​To retrofit low-income residential homes with cost effective energy saving measures.​May 2009 - March 2012​$7,222,865​13.30 in last calendar quarter​Energy efficient retrofits to low-income households will lower utility costs and provide a safer, healthier indoor environment. 
​Energy efficient retrofits to low-income households will lower utility costs and provide a safer, healthier indoor environment. ​1305 S. Third Ave.​To provide initial funding for energy efficiency improvements at the Marcos de Niza public housing site. These funds will be leveraged with others, including Low-Income Housing Credits, to provide geothermal/ground coupled heat pumps; xeriscape landscaping; low-flow faucet, shower and toilet fixtures; and photovoltaic collectors to generate electricity. The project will follow Green Operations and Maintenance practices.​September 2009 - September 2012​$3,408,000​TBD​7.71 in last calendar quarter​Housing units will stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and use less resources than before the rehabilitation.
​Sunnyslope Manor - Green Retrofit Grant​205 E. Ruth Ave.​To make the assisted housing units for seniors more energy efficient. Green alternatives include low-flow and low-flush plumbing fixtures, additional insulation, Energy Star-rated appliances, water heaters, windows and lighting fixtures.​October 2009 - October 2012​$1,607,950​$1,607,950​0.00 this calendar quarter​Benefit to residents: Residents will experience greater comfort in their units while using less energy. The conservation measures are targeting a 17 percent reduction in electricity and a 21 percent reduction in water consumption.
​National Clean Diesel​Citywide​Reduce emissions​August 2009 - September 2010​$829,697​Rush Truck Centers
Others to be determined
​4.10 in last calendar quarter​Municipal trucks providing services such as park maintenance, street repair, water services and refuse collection will be retrofitted to meet current environmental standards. This project is estimated to reduce 1.1 tons of emissions annually.
​Broadway Road Sewer Main Improvements​3300 W. Broadway to 1000 W. Broadway​Construct a new 24-inch to 42-inch sewer line between 33rd  Avenue and 10th Avenue to replace the existing Broadway Road interceptor sewer as part of a multi-year, phased project from 51st Avenue to 32nd Street. The project is based on a Master Plan Study for the South Phoenix area to properly handle the amount of flow projected for development in the next 50 years.​June 2009 - November 2010​$18,250,000​Pulice Construction Inc.​0 in last calendar quarter​Upgrades the existing service for existing and future customers.
​Relief Sewer (Southwest Phoenix) and Small Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement (Central Phoenix)​16th Street from Mohave Street to Durango Avenue​This project replaces undersized sewers and rehabilitates aged sewer pipes.​May 2009 - October 2009​AWARD AMOUNT
Insituform/Archen Gardner/Quest Civil Constructors​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Prevented the possibility of a collapse or backup in the collection system, improved sewer capacity and reduced odors.
​Green Capacity Building Grant YouthBuild​Supports the city of Phoenix YouthBuild program that provides job training and educational opportunities for low-income or at-risk-out-of-school youth​December 2009 - November 2010​$100,000​​0 in last calendar quarter​YouthBuild program participants can receive their high school equivalency diploma and be trained on-site in green construction, which will qualify them for careers in the clean-energy/green-build industry.
​​Install Automatic Meter Readers ​West of Central Avenue to western water distribution borders, and south of Camelback Road to southern water distribution borders​Replace water meters or retrofit existing meters with an automatic meter reading transmitter, which electronically sends meter readings to a mobile collector. This equipment decreases operational costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to read meters, while increasing the accuracy of the meter readings.​February 2010 - February 2011​$8 million​Vanguard​17 in last calendar quarter
​Local Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) Initiative Grant​Citywide​The grant allows the city to create a plan that will assess the city's readiness in an energy emergency addressing adequate backup generation, fuel availability and adequately trained personnel.​May 2010 - May 2012​$300,000​AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.​0.88 in last calendar quarter​In an electrical emergency, the city will be better prepared.
​Energize Phoenix​Ten-mile stretch of Phoenix's light rail corridor​The Energize Phoenix Project will provide energy-efficient improvements to neighborhoods including multifamily units, commercial and industrial buildings and single-family homes along a 10-mile stretch of Phoenix's light rail corridor to be known as the "Green Rail Corridor."​Summer 2010 - 2013​$25,000,000


​20.00 in last calendar quarter​The project will reduce energy consumption through retrofits and education, generate sustainable jobs and create green neighborhoods.