Recovery Transportation

Learn about each Phoenix Transportation project receiving Recovery funds:

​Project Name​Location​Reason for Project​Project Schedule​Amount of Award​Contractors​Jobs Created/Saved​Benefit to Residents
​Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport​Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport​Turns a ramp for general aviation aircraft and airport operations vehicles into a Group 5 Category taxiway that can handle aircraft as large as a Boeing 747 or Airbus 340. Adds 2,200-linear feet of 75-feet wide center pavement with 35-foot wide safety shoulders on both sides. The new taxiway will run from the existing C-3 taxiway connector to the existing C-4 taxiway connector, giving pilots a quicker and easier option for getting to and from Sky Harbor's north runway.​July 2009 - March 2010 - COMPLETED​$10,356,135​$10,356,135​0 in last calendar quarter

​More efficient, safer use of this taxiway by FAA tower and airlines.​

​Major Street Pavement Preservation ProgramNorth, central and south locations bounded by Bethany Home Road and city limits​​Preserving pavement to extend the life of existing roadways.​March 2010 - December 2010 ​$21,436,181​M R Tanner Development & Construction; Nesbitt Contracting Co.; Intermountain West Civil​0 in last calendar quarter​A preserved roadway system extends the maintenance cycle -- saving tax dollars with less maintenance required in the long run. Accessible sidewalk ramp upgrades also will be provided along the targeted roadways where necessary.
​Bridge Rehabilitation Program​Citywide​Repair and replace bridge decks and bridge joints​March 2010 - June 2010 ​$3,500,000​Meadow Valley Contractors; Truesdell Corp.​24.00 in last calendar quarter​Repairing and replacing bridge decks and joints will safely extend the life of these structures and defer the need to fully reconstruct local bridges.
​Seventh Street & McDowell Road Intersection Improvements​Seventh Street & McDowell Road​Relieve traffic congestion​February 2010 - July 2010​$1,000,000​Combs Construction​1 in last calendar quarter​These intersection improvements will reduce traffic congestion during peak traffic periods.
​I-17/Happy Valley Park-and-Ride​1-17/Happy Valley Road​Construct a new park-and-ride facility on a 7.7-acre site, with 500 covered parking spaces, landscaping, surveillance cameras, security building, passenger platform, adjacent street improvements and a dedicated on-ramp.​March 2010 - March 2011​$5,500,000​To be determined​8.90 in last calendar quarter​A new park-and-ride facility for this area
27th Avenue/Baseline Road Park-and-Ride​27th Avenue/Baseline Road​Plan, design and construct a park-and-ride facility on a 2.5-acre site, with approximately 200 covered parking spaces, landscaping, lighting, surveillance cameras, a security building, passenger platform and real-time messaging.​May 2011 - June 2012​$1,100,000​To be determined​15.00 in last calendar quarter​The new park-and-ride facility will allow residents in the southwestern area of Phoenix and the Valley to have a convenient and secure location for carpooling. This site also will serve as an anchor for expansion of transit service into southwest Phoenix, as detailed in the Transit 2000 service plan.
​Pecos Road/40th Street Park-and-Ride Expansion​Pecos Road/40th Street​Expand this overcrowded park-and-ride facility. Add 300 more covered parking spaces, street and canopy lighting, Closed-Circuit TV monitoring routed to and from the existing security building, landscaping and sidewalks.​January 2010 - December 2010​$3,000,000​To be determined​0.50 in last calendar quarter​Several hundred more parking spaces at this park-and-ride will allow for more carpooling and vanpooling and increased ridership on RAPID bus service, while reducing on-street and neighborhood parking in the nearby community.
​Central Avenue/Camelback Road Park-and-Ride Expansion​Central Avenue/Camelback Road​Create a park-and-ride facility for this neighborhood. Grant will fund plans, design and construction of 200 covered parking spaces, landscaping, lighting, surveillance cameras, security building, passenger platform and real-time messaging.​To be determined​$1,400,000​To be determined​10.50 in last calendar quarter​A new park-and-ride facility for this area will provide significantly more access to the light-rail system for commuters, and also will allow for carpooling and vanpooling in the central Phoenix core, which has not typically been available.
​Bus Stop Improvements​Citywide​Improve accessibility at Phoenix bus stops. These improvements will allow the city to continue its commitment to accessible transit service, while also refurbishing damaged or deteriorated bus stop structures.​January 2010 - January 2011​$4,321,217​Shelter Clean​4 in last calendar quarter​Refurbished bus stops throughout the city will provide safer, more accessible waiting locations for transit passengers, and also will increase the number of shaded shelters throughout the system.
​Bell Road/SR-51 Bus Crossover Lane​Bell Road/State Route 51​Construct a bus-only crossover lane through the State Route-51/Bell Road freeway interchange. Project includes refiguring traffic signals, lighting, striping and pedestrian area.​February 2010 - July 2010​$640,070​To be determined​2.50 in last calendar quarter​A faster and safer transition for transit vehicles using the SR-51/Bell Road park-and-ride, and quicker travel time for RAPID bus passengers.
​Intelligent Transportation System Enhancement: Regional Transit- Stop Data Overhaul​Regionwide​A new transit-stop database, related equipment and survey stop locations.​March 2010 - September 2010​$300,000​Trapeze Corporation​0.50 in last calendar quarter​The city of Phoenix Public Transit Department oversees a bus stop database system that provides information for the trip planning software at An updated bus stop database will allow passengers to get more detailed and precise information about existing bus stop locations and also will include new bus stop locations systemwide.
​Central Station Transit Center Refurbishments​Central Avenue/Van Buren Street​Central Station was constructed in 1997 and is heavily used. These ARRA funds allow the City to upgrade Central Station Transit Center's ADA-accessibility, lighting, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems and add security cameras, a new signage system, a new, solar roof, shade elements and shade trees.​March 2010 - January 2011​$5,000,000​To be determined​7.80 in last calendar quarter​Increased accessibility, safety, convenience and comfort for commuters at Central Station Transit Center, with improved lighting, security cameras and wayfinding signage. Adding shade and solar elements will help reduce the cost of operating the facility.
​Reimbursement for Light-Rail Construction​Citywide​Reimburse City of Phoenix for light-rail construction already completed.​August 2009​$36,000,000​Not applicable​0 in last calendar quarter
​Light Rail Park-and-Ride Shade Canopies​Citywide​Adding approximately 1,000 shade canopies for existing park-and-ride parking spaces.​March 2010 - July 2010​$2,500,000​To be determined​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Adding shade makes this facility more safe and comfortable for commuters, which will encourage additional use of the light-rail system and help decrease our city's urban heat island effect.
​Preventive Maintenance of Transit-System Vehicles​Regionwide​Reimburse City of Phoenix for preventive maintenance of transit vehicles.​September 2009 - July 2010​$5,400,000​Not applicable​36 in last calendar quarter​The City of Phoenix diligently maintains operability and safety of the vehicles in its transit system, often at significant expense. This ARRA award allows the City to redirect funds that would have been used for maintenance of these vehicles to other purposes within the transit system, such as operation of bus service.
​ADA Improvement Program​North and south of Bethany Home Road and city limits​Upgrade and install new accessible sidewalk ramps to current standards​March 2010 - September 2010 ​$3,500,000​Spire Engineering, LLC​0.00 in last calendar quarter​New and upgraded accessible sidewalk ramps will allow pedestrians with accessible needs to cross at public street intersections.
​Sign Reflectivity & Retrofit Program​Citywide​Upgrade reflectivity of traffic signs​April 2010 - December 2010 ​$3,000,000​Trafficade Services, Inc.​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Replacing traffic control signs with upgraded sheeting will make signs compliant with new federal standards and improve the reflectivity for the motoring public. New sheeting also will contain a graffiti-proof coating, making it easy to remove markings without damaging the traffic sign.
​ITS/Signalization Upgrades​Citywide​System integration and traffic managementJune 2010 - December 2010 ​​$3,000,000​Roadway Electric, LLC; AJP Electric; Republic ITS, Inc.​2 in last calendar quarter​Installing closed-circuit TV cameras, a fiber optic backbone system and wireless antennas will expand the traffic signal communications system and improve the city's ability to relieve traffic congestion.
​Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 Oversize Explosive Detection Systems​Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport​The project will streamline the baggage screening process by removing the manual baggage screening equipment from the passenger ticket lobby in Terminal 3. The project also provides a dedicated baggage screening system for the oversize baggage in Terminal 4 North. Both systems will enable the public terminal space to return to passenger processing and facilitation functions, and will provide a more efficient security screening process for checked baggage in new dedicated facilities and systems out of the public areas.​October 2009 - December 2010​$26,588,898​Turner Construction Company​0.00 in last calendar quarter​​The new state-of-the-art technology inline system is continuing to enhance security at the airport. Additionally, the system will enhance the customer experience by allowing the checked baggage to enter the security screening systems at the ticket counter, thus removing the additional step of the passengers bringing their baggage to the screening devices.
​Operating support and preventative maintenance for paratransit (Dial-A-Ride) service in Phoenix​Citywide​Provides financial support to operation of paratransit service​N/A​$971,954​MV Transportation​0.00​Continued provision of transit service in Phoenix
​Transit Service Operating Assistance​Citywide​Provides support to maintain existing transit service levels in the City of Phoenix​N/A​$870,774​First Transit​0.00​Continued provision of transit services in Phoenix
​Light Rail Operating Assistance​Citywide​Provides financial support to operation of regional light rail service​N/A​$222,519​Valley Metro Light Rail​0​Continued provision of transit service in Phoenix
​Seventh Avenue and Arizona Canal Distribution Channel (ACDC) Multi-Use Underpass ​Seventh Avenue north of Dunlap Avenue at the ACDC​Provide a safe means of crossing Seventh Avenue, an arterial street, for pedestrians and bicyclists using the multi-use trail along the ACDC.​April 2011 - October 2011 (estimated)​$900,000​Bison Contracting​Approximately 10​Improve safety of those using the multi-use path along the ACDC.