Recovery Public Safety

Learn about each Phoenix Public Safety project receiving Recovery funds:


Project NameLocation​Reason for the Project​​Project ScheduleAmount of Award​​Contractors​Jobs Created/Saved​Benefit to Residents
​Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force​Phoenix Police Department​Expand efforts of Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to identify, arrest and prosecute sexual predators who use the Internet to sexually exploit children. ​April 2009 - March 2013​April 2009 - March 2013​Not applicable​2.00 in last calendar quarter​Makes the community safer by conducting proactive and reactive criminal investigations via the Internet for the purpose of identifying and apprehending sex offenders who target minors. Will help apprehend traffickers and possessors of unlawful images depicting the sexual exploitation of minors.
​Operation Home Defense​620 W. Washington St.​Expand the Phoenix Police Department's Home Invasion and Kidnapping Enforcement (HIKE) Unit to reduce violent crime and harm to innocent victims associated with home invasions.​August 2009 - July 2011$1,725,349​​Not applicable​12.45 in last calendar quarter​Solving and reducing violent home invasions and kidnappings, increasing prosecution and sentencing of the perpetrators and providing residents with education and training to increase their safety and well-being.
​Community Prosecution​300 W. Washington St.​To proactively address crime and blight in targeted neighborhoods and provide education and training to residents.​March 2009 - February 2013​$1,654,566​$1,654,566​4.00 in last calendar quarterIncreased public safety through proactive community education, prevention and prosecution.
​Community Assistance Program​4056 E. Washington St.​To assist with the need to increase volunteerism within the Community Assistance Program​January 2010 - September 2011​$150,194 - includes second-year funding​None​1.92 in last calendar quarter​More residents will be able to receive on-scene crisis intervention and victim assistance as more volunteers are recruited and trained to staff the Crisis Response units.
​Community Assistance Program Crisis Response Unit4056 W. Washington St.​​Increase the number of Crisis Response (CR) teams available to assist Police and Fire crews with on-scene crisis intervention and victim assistance.​October 2009 - September 2011​$520,000​Not applicable​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Crisis Response (CR) Teams provide emotional support and stabilization for anyone suffering from a traumatic incident. Teams explain the investigative process, conduct safety assessments and planning, encourage support systems, provide referrals and educate about victim rights and compensation.
​Electronic Citations620 W. Washington St.​​To provide Phoenix Police officers the capability to electronically create citations.​June 2009 - June 2011​$600,000​Brazos Technologies​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Being able to write citations (tickets) electronically is more efficient and creates more time for officers to respond to resident calls for service.
​Police Software Upgrade​620 W. Washington St.​To upgrade selected software on the Police Department's 4,000 desktop/mobile computers to current versions.​June 2009 - June 2011​$1,300,000​Stratera Southwest; Akal Tech; Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI); and Adventos, LLC​0.00 in last calendar quarter​Upgrading Police computers will allow better and faster communication between officers in the field, Police Communications and Police headquarters. These workstations support 911 communications, along with many other functions, so keeping software current means faster response times and better service to residents.
​Police Custom Software Development​620 W. Washington St.​To improve efficiency by correcting the significant backlog of software acquisition and development within the police department.​June 2009 - June 2011​$1,300,000​Engineering Mapping Solutions, Inc.; Adventos, LLC; eCorridor, Inc.; MetaSource, LLC; and Currie & Brown, Inc.​0.00 in last calendar quarter​This project will improve police office efficiency, which creates more time available for the officer to respond to resident calls for service.
​Electronic Prosecutor Records Organization (ePRO) Disaster Recovery and Retention Technology Improvement Program​300 W. Washington St.​Develop a disaster recovery plan and system, which include an automated records retention system, encryption for electronic criminal case records, data and computer applications for the Prosecutor's Office. Expand the electronic interfaces with the Police Department.​March 2009 - February 2013​$119,552​Not applicable​0.10 in last calendar quarter​Organizes and protects public safety records and improves electronic communications between Police Department and Prosecutor's Office.
​Solving Cold-Case Homicides With Forensics​Phoenix Police Department​Investigation of cold-case homicides and subsequent laboratory testing.​October 2010 - September 2011​$250,000​None​1.20 in last calendar quarter​The project will provide investigative resources to cold-case homicides that have exhausted most investigative leads, and for additional laboratory time for the analysis of evidence. The goal of investigations and laboratory personnel is to solve cold case homicides to apprehend those responsible and bring closure to families and friends of the victims.
​Arizona Public Safety Stabilization Program - Fire​Training is being conducted at the Fire Department Training Academy, 2425 West Lower Buckeye Road​The Phoenix Fire Department has approximately 1,600 firefighters who provide emergency service to a populous of over more than 1.6 million people.  Annually, the department responds to approximately 1,557 structural fires, but by chance, some firefighters may go months or years in between fires.  Without periodic training, skill degradation and performance loss can occur.  The OSHA 29 CRF 1910.156 standard recommends regular training that is commensurate with fighting structural fires.  The department has been unable to meet this standard for the last four years due to budget cuts.​November 2010 - September 2011$250,000.00​​None​0.00 in last calendar quarter​The training is considered critical as it allows firefighters the unique opportunity to combat actual fires in a controlled environment.  Live-fire exercises improve performance and firefighter safety by reinforcing basic fire suppression and life safety skills.  Ultimately this translates into decreased property losses and fewer injuries all of which promote the safety and security of Phoenix residents and business owners.