Domestic Violence Information

​One in four women and one in five teens in Arizona will experience domestic or dating violence in their lifetime.  Domestic Violence can take many forms including physical and sexual violence, threats, isolation, emotional insults and economic deprivation.  

The Family Advocacy Center 

The City of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center (FAC) provides comprehensive services to victims of violence.  The FAC serves as one central location for victims of violence to receive services. Partnerships with community-based organizations provide valuable advocacy services to victims and their families. The Family Advocacy Center is open on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of government recognized holidays.


Family Advocacy Center  

  Center Services - Also listed in the FAC Center Services Brochure

Domestic Violence Roadmap

The City of Phoenix is committed to end domestic violence within our community.   As a result,  a collaboration of more than 50 community, private and public organizations drafted a five-year plan under the leadership of the Mayor and City Council.  The plan is entitled  ”A Road Map to Excellence: Making the City of Phoenix a National Leader in Preventing and Ending Domestic Violence.   A  Mission Statement and Overview of the plan is also available.

Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

The Phoenix Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT), facilitated by VHSD, is dedicated to an annual review of domestic violence related fatalities and near fatalities for the purpose of identifying system gaps and areas for improvement to reduce incidence of domestic violence related deaths in Phoenix.

FY 2016-17 Recommendations:

  • Explore the potential benefits and drawback of firearm waiting periods.
  • Encourage Domestic Courts to explore ways to increase education and awareness about the increased danger and lethality surrounding domestic relations proceedings. Encourage domestic courts to include domestic violence information and education in co-parenting classes.
  • Increase the use of validated risk assessments by all community partners. Provide information and resources to victims about their assessments and potential danger in their relationships.
  • Educate school administrators and staff on recognition of domestic violence and child abuse to foster an environment that encourages students to report abuse.
  • Increase on-scene domestic violence advocacy.
  • Increase awareness of domestic violence resources and silent witness reporting via social media.
  • Increase technology safety training for domestic violence victims.
  • In cases of domestic violence related murder-suicides, encourage the medical examiner to conduct toxicology testing on all decedents.
  • Explore potential relationships between mental health and domestic violence.

Paint Phoenix Purple

Paint Phoenix Purple is a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence.  The City of Phoenix and more than 50 partners including businesses, civic organizations, educational institutions and faith communities are working together to create a culture where domestic violence is no longer tolerated.  Here are a few ways you can help Paint Phoenix Purple!

Paint Phoenix Purple Logo


Wear purple ribbons
Wear purple clothing on Fridays
Turn computer screen savers purple
Post domestic violence information on your website
Change outdoor light bulbs to purple
Visit the  website for more information and resources to help raise awareness.