Planned Unit Development (PUD) & Planned Community District (PCD)

​​​​​​​​​The Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a zoning designation intended to create a built environment superior to that which is accomplished through conventional zoning districts. This is achieved by allowing the PUD rezoning applicant to propose the uses, development standards, and design guidelines for a site, and by doing so, entering into a collaborative review process.

An applicant wishing to use this district would apply through the rezoning process and must get approval from City Council. The PUD process is described in the Planned Un​it Development (PUD) Procedures Outline​​ (PDF) (Revised March 4, 2020), which also includes application materials. 

Significant updates include:

  • Requirement to contact SRP/APS to determine if there would be any conflicts (Page 10)
  • Number of PUD Narrative copies to be submitted (Page 12)
  • Number of full size plan copies to be submitted (Page 13)
  • Project Information Form: To address community benefits (Page 15)
  • Add comparative zoning standards table in the PUD Narrative (Page 19)
  • Sign posting template (Page 33)
  • School District Contacts (Pages 40-41) 
  • Village Planning Committee meetings schedule (Page 57-58)
  • 2020 Rezoning hearing schedule (Page 59) 
​Current cases

Link to current cases for Planned Unit Development (PUD) rezoning requests that are currently in the rezoning process or have been approved. Here you can view the development narrative, or plan of rezoning and development for the site, and other related documents.

For additional information, contact Planning & Zoning at 602-262-7131 or the appropriate village planner.