Proposed Zoning Applications

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​​​This interactive map can be used to identify pending and approved rezoning applications that are on file with the city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department. This map is intended to better inform residents of rezoning activities in their community.  Zoning is displayed in three colors 1) Proposed (red), 2) Approved (green), and 3) Current​ (pink).  Click within desired zoning boundary for more details or use Filter tool (funnel) to search for a specific zoning cases or zoning designation.​  

​Rezoning cases are typically requested from property owners to allow for a new use or to apply a different set of development standards (i.e. setbacks, building heights, and densities) that are not already permitted in the existing zoning district designated for their property.

Zoning regulations are intended to protect existing land uses and assure that uses are compatible with each other and with available public facilities and services. Through the rezoning process, land use and other factors are evaluated to determine the appropriateness of a specific rezoning proposal. Final approval of a rezoning request is granted by the Phoenix City Council at a public hearing.