Planning Hearing Officer (PHO)

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The Planning Hearing Officer hears requests to modify or delete stipulations from approved rezoning cases, time extensions for conditionally zoned properties, certain modifications to comprehensive sign plans, and zoning reversions initiated by the Planning Commission.  Hearings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  Appeals from the PHO are heard by the Planning Commission, and further appeals by the City Council, pursuant to Section 506.  Detailed information, including a process packet and hearing schedule, can be found on the Forms and Applications page.


This page contains application packets for active PHO cases in the public hearing process only.  Once the case has been acted on by the City Council or withdrawn, the application packet will be removed from this page. 

For PHO cases appealed to the Planning Commission or City Council only, staff reports are available online.   To obtain records of prior Planning Hearing Officer cases, please file a Public Records Request online.

The date of the PHO hearing can be found on the application packet cover page.  Additional hearing dates, including Village Planning Committees and City Council ratifications or Ordinance adoptions, are subject to change.  You can obtain further information on public hearing dates online.

 For additional information, please email or contact the Zoning Section at 602-262-7131, Option #6. ​




Property Location​


​Approximately 100 feet west of the northwest corner of 59th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road​

​Approximately 226 feet south of the southwest corner of 29th Avenue and Camelback Road
​Camelback East
​Approximately 65 feet west of the couthwest corner of 40th Street and Monterosa Street




​Approximately 600 feet east of the southeast corner of 83rd Avenue and Thomas Road​

​South Mountain
​​Southwest corner of 32nd Street and Baseline Road
​​Northeast corner of Central Avenue and Indian School Road
7​​Central City
​Southeast corner of 13th Avenue and Madison Street
​​Northeast corner of Central Avenue and Pierson Street
​North Gateway
​Approximately 430 feet south of the southwest corner of North Valley Parkway and Sonoran Desert Drive

Northwest Corner of 35th Avenue and Carver Road​