Alternative Transportation

Public Transit FITPHX logoThe City of Phoenix provides alternative transportation for people with disabilities and senior citizens through its taxicab subsidy programs.  Taxicab programs allow more flexibility for passengers, allowing them to plan trips based on their schedule.

There are various programs available to passengers:

ADA Cab - ADA Cab provides taxi vouchers for people with disabilities to travel wherever and wherever they choose.  Participants must be residents of Phoenix and be Americans with Disabilities Act certified to participate.  There is no age restriction on this program. Download the Senior Cab/ADA Cab brochure

Senior Cab - The Senior Cab program provides taxi vouchers for Phoenix residents age 65 and older, to travel wherever they choose.  Download the Senior Cab/ADA Cab brochure

Senior Center Shuttle - This program takes the place of Reserve-a-Ride.  It provides members of City of Phoenix' Senior Centers flexible transportation through the use of taxi service between their personal residence and their nearest senior center during Senior Center operating hours.  Passengers should sign up at their Senior Center for the service.

Work Trip - Work Trip vouchers support travel to and from jobs for people with disabilities.  The origin and destination is pre-printed on the voucher and travel times are set in advance.

Dialysis Trip - Dialysis Trip vouchers support travel to and from medical centers where participants are undergoing dialysis treatment. 

For more information on City of Phoenix alternative transportation programs, call MV Transportation at 602-801-1160.