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Student Council Sustainability Officer Program Overview

SCSO is a unique form of student engagement that aims to develop sustainability leaders, improve civic engagement, and embed sustainability on school campuses. The Sustainability Officer position is added the Student Council with the purpose of enhancing their campus through implementing green events and educating the student body on sustainability.​​ 

The mission of the program is to add Sustainability Officer positions to Student Governments with the goal of educating and motivating the student body on sustainability. 

Check out the benefits of participating in the program for both students and schools here

Annual Sustainability Challenge

The City of Phoenix, City Manager's Office of Sustainability hosts an annual Sustainability Challenge for the Phoenix Union High School District in partnership with ASU Sustainable Cities Network. The Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for high school students to learn and implement sustainable practices in their schools. Students use the Greening Events Guide for Schools to earn points in the challenge. The theme of the challenge changes each year. Check out some of our past challenges and winners! Past winners have received a combined total of $25,000 to embed sustainability on their school campus.​

2023-2024 Sustainability Challenge (Jan 29 – March 1)


This year's theme is Lettuce Reduce Waste it focuses on waste management and what can be done to reduce the amount of waste created.

Week On​e: Weigh the Waste

Week Two: Trim the Waste

Week Three: Second Life Sustainability

Week Four: One Bin at a Time

Week Five: Global Green Wave​​

 To learn more about the challenge check out the 2023-2024 Sustainability Challenge Guidelines.​ 

Past Winners: 

2022-2023 Every Drop Counts

​Large Schools -  

1st Place: North High School

North Check.jpg

2nd Place: Maryvale High School 


Small Schools - 

1st Place: Franklin Police and Fire High School

2nd Place: ​Bioscience High School

2021-2022 Fashion for the Future

1st Place: Wilson College Prep

2nd Place: Bioscience High School​

2019-2020 Green Games​

1st Place: Franklin Police & Fire Academy

2nd Place: Bioscience High School

3rd Place: Cesar Chavez High School​​

2018-2019 Green Yo Prom

1st Place: Bioscience High School

1st Place: Franklin Police & Fire Academy

3rd Place: Betty H Fairfax High School

2017-2018 Food and Fitness Challenge

1st Place: Linda Abril Education Academy

2nd Place: Alhambra High School

3rd Place: Wilson College Prep​


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City of Phoenix Sustainability Officer Campus Framework

Phoenix Union Lead Sustainability Officer

Arizona Greening Events Guide for Schools​

ASU Sustainable Cities Greening Events Implementation Guide

Sustainability Officer Resource Guide​

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Interested in starting a Sustainability Officer program at your school? Reach out to Michael Marting at michael.marting@phoenix.gov or Darice Ellis at darice.ellis@phoenix.gov to learn more or get started! ​​