Stormwater Management Program


   Best Management Practices (BMPs) for households that can help prevent stormwater pollution.​ 


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Use drip pans to collect automobile leaks and spills.

  • Use your sanitary sewer cleanout when backwashing or draining your pool. 

Drain and Backwash Pools Legally

Improper Discharge of a pool.
Never drain 
pool water into the street.Improper Pool Discharge

Report a Violation Please call the Stormwater Hotline  at (602)256-3190.

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Stormwater hits home! Your everyday household activities can have an impact on stormwater quality and the environment.  A few examples of everyday household activities that may contribute to stormwater pollution are vehicle maintenance (e.g. vehicle leaks, oil change, etc.), vehicle washing, pet waste, pool backwashing/draining, and lawn maintenance (e.g. use of fertilizers/pesticides, yard waste).  However, by using some Best Management Practices (BMPs), you too can help prevent stormwater pollution.​ 


"Clean Water Starts With YOU!" ​ 

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For additional tips, please see the following brochures:

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Spanish

Pollutants :
  • Apply fertilizer/pesticides sparingly and never apply when rain or wind are in the weather forecast.
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste properly (local household hazardous waste event).
  • Dispose of used automobile fluids at your local garage, automotive store or at a household hazardous waste collection event. 

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