Stormwater hits home! Your everyday household activities can have an impact on stormwater quality and the environment.  A few examples of everyday household activities which may contribute to stormwater pollution are vehicle maintenance (e.g. vehicle leaks, oil change, etc.), vehicle washing, pet waste, pool backwashing/draining, and lawn maintenance (e.g. use of fertilizers/pesticides, yard waste).  However, by using some Best Management Practices (BMPs), you too can help prevent stormwater pollution.​ 


For additional tips, please see the following brochures:

Remember, we all need to do our part to help prevent stormwater pollution. ​

Here are some BMPs for household activities which can help prevent stormwater pollution:

  • Dispose of used automobile fluids at your local garage, automotive store or at a household hazardous waste collection event.
  • Pick up pet waste from yard, bag and tie, and dispose of properly.​
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste properly (local household hazardous waste event).
  • Use drip pans to collect automobile leaks and spills.
  • Apply fertilizer/pesticides sparingly and never apply when rain or wind are in the weather forecast.
  • Use your sanitary sewer cleanout when backwashing or draining your pool. Do not drain pool water to the street.

Improper Pool Discharge 

Properly maintained pool 

Proper Pool Discharge 

Improper Discharge of Pool

Well Maintained Pool

Proper Pool Discharge