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Report a City of Phoenix Water Leak

Water Emergency definition: geyser, hit fire hydrant, bubbling water in the street, property damage (public, private). Reports are reviewed by team members 24/7.

If you believe a leak on your property that is causing a high Water City Services bill, please visit Home Smart Water Guide for helpful information.

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Meter Leak - water located inside or around the water meter box
Water Leak - water bubbling from beneath the roadway or near the sidewalk
Leak not visible - a high Water City Services Bill but no visible water anywhere please visit Home Smart Water Guide for helpful information.
Fire Hydrant Leak - fire hydrants leaking water from their valves or fire hydrant concerns
Brown or Cloudy Water - usually during fire hydrant exercising operations; stirs up sediments in the distribution pipes
Water Pressure - it is helpful to check the water pressure at the hose bib to ensure the pressure is not caused by a filtration system, water softener, etc.

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