Shade Trees & Other Plants

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​​Reduce the effects of heat, both indoors and out

Plan a pleasant environment for clients, customers and staff. Planting the right types of trees and plants can make your business stand out. Use hardy native plants that will thrive with minimal maintenance.

Choosing trees that provide shade will not only make the outside more pleasant in hot weather, but can reduce the total heat load on buildings by cooling the air and limiting direct insolation (solar impact). Studies have shown that the right combination of shade-giving vegetation can reduce power bills. Shade trees can also keep parked cars cool - something your customers will be thankful for.

The lists below provide some examples of Sonoran natives. Woody desert trees, like the Foothills Palo Verde, thrive with less water than high-water exotics.

A mesquite tree offers ample shade outside a downtown Phoenix building. 

Create your own shade and cooling with a native-Arizona tree

 Shade and other trees

  • Blue Palo Verde
    Parkinsonia florida

  • Feather Bush
    Lysiloma microphylla v. thornberi

  • Foothills Palo Verde
    Parkinsonia microphylla

  • Ironwood
    Olneya tesota

  • Velvet Mesquite
    Prosopis velutina

  • White Thorn Acacia
    Acacia constricta

A hedgehog cactus with long spines. 

Use low-water native plants to enhance your landscape

Other plants

  • Brittlebush
    Encelia farinosa

  • Engelmann's Hedgehog
    Echinocereus engelmannii

  • Jojoba
    Simmondsia chinensis

  • Little-leaf Cordia
    Cordia parvifolia

  • Ocotillo
    Fouquieria splendens

  • Purple Prickly Pear
    Opuntia santa-rita

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