Water Resource Planning

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​​​​​Water Conservation and Drought Response Planning

Over the years, the City has developed plans for achieving water conservation and water efficiency goals, as well as plans to guide the City in the event of surface water supply shortages. These plans have been updated and combined into a single document entitled the "2021 Water Resource Plan" The characteristics of water use by Phoenix customers has changed considerably over time, and this updated plan better reflects actions that can be taken by homeowners and businesses to use water efficiently.

The Plan also prescribes steps to be taken by the City and its customers in the event of drought-related surface water shortages. The magnitude and duration of any shortage will dictate the actions to be taken by the City and its customers to ensure there is enough water during these times for essential uses. This up-front planning allows Phoenix to quickly respond to future challenges to your water supply availability.

View the 2021 Water Resource​ Plan to learn more.

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