Water Resource Plan

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​​​​​​​Planning for the future

The City of Phoenix updates its Water Resource Plan approximately every five years.  These regular updates ensure that optimal water supplies and infrastructure are available to meet current and future demands -- in normal as well as drought conditions.

The 2021 Water Resource Plan shows that, for most foreseeable scenarios, Phoenix has sufficient water supplies for the next 50 years and beyond. These supplies will likely be stretched even further, through planned conservation and infrastructure enhancements.

As a thriving desert city, Phoenix has long faced the challenges of rapid growth and a dry climate. Effective supply management, a well-diversified portfolio, and significant conservation achievements over the years have enabled Phoenix residents to enjoy a lifestyle abundant with high-quality water for drinking and other important uses.

Even with the significant growth and dry periods Phoenix has experienced in recent decades, the City has not had to restrict your water usage due to supply shortages, and it doesn't expect to do so any time soon. The City is prepared for the future and remains dedicated to delivering the water needed to meet your demand.

The 202​1 Water Resource Plan​ evaluated growth and drought conditions, and considered the current scientific information regarding the potential impacts of global climate change on our water supplies. 

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