Licensing & Permitting Directory of Documents

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This page contains the licensing and permitting directory of documents summarizing the subject matter of all currently applicable ordinances, codes and substantive policy statements for License Services. (Reference A.R.S. 9-837)

License Directory:

Substantive Policy Statements:

  • Street Vending License Exemption: Vendors authorized to participate in an event with an approved Block Party Permit issued by the Street Transportation Department and/or approval of a City Street Event Application by the Parks and Recreation Department are not subject to the street vending licensing requirements only for the duration of the approved event.  Otherwise, all street vending licensing requirements and vending regulations apply. This exemption does not apply to any other City, County or State rules/requirements.
  • Airport Mobile Vending Exemption: Vendors duly authorized under a food and beverage concession program to vend at an airport or airport owned property regulated by the Secretary of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration, are not subject to the City of Phoenix mobile vending rules and regulations outlined in Phoenix City Code, Chapter 10.